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WYHA Awards

Getting the Most out of the game at WYHA

Hockey at WYHA is more than a game.  It's a way of life.  WYHA was established to foster the love of the game for youth in our area, and to allow them to benefit from learning the skills of the game as well as values and characteristics for life.







To ensure we remain focused on all aspects of the sport, WYHA created three awards.  Please check out more on each individual award page.

SPORTSMANSHIP - the Grant Lintala Sportsmanship Award is given to a player who exemplifies the characteristics we hope to build in each of our players.  The scholarship given to the award recipient can be used for hockey or academics.  Nominations are made by coaches.  Watch about Grant and the award here.

COACHING - the Gary Dunham Coach Award is given in honor of one of the founding members of WYHA.  Gary loved coaching and all he gave (and it was a LOT) was dedicated to the kids through his coaching.  The award is given to a coach who exemplifies the Webster Youth Hockey philosophy of building skills, creating a fun atmosphere, sportsmanship and conducts himself / herself as a role model for players and parents. Coaches are nominated by the team managers.

HALL of FAME - WYHA is volunteer run.  It takes a hundreds of hours to make things run smoothly and give our players what they need.  This award is given to honor a volunteer who has made a significant contribution to the organization.  The winner is selected by the Officers of WYHA.  You can nominate a volunteer by sending an email to




* 2015-2016 Grant Lintala Player Sportsmanship Award *

* Gary Dunham COACHING Excellence Award *

* Hall of Fame VOLUNTEER Award *


Award Ceremony

Saturday March 12, 10:10 am

Webster Ice Arena

Please join us to celebrate these great honors!!