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Feel free to get in touch with the right person to answer your question.  If you are not sure who to contact, please click here to send a general email.  We will get back to you right away!

The Board Application link and the Release Request link are located at the bottom of this page.  Just page down!


Reed Yancey
Umbereen Mustafa
Heather DeVries
Nikki Muroski
Kyle Johnson
Mark Hyde
David Weiss

Committee Members

Jeanne Barreca
585-586-1773 (secondary, only for critical issues)
Nick Tochelli
Ice/Ref Scheduler

Beginner Coordinator - Open, contact Operations VP
Beginner Program Coordinator

Jamie Buss
Rick Allen


Frederick Campbell

Thomas Flaherty

Jeanne Barreca

Todd Bezenah

Board of Directors / Officer / Committee Member Application

Mailing address: PO Box 118, Webster, NY 14580

Checks payable to: Webster Youth Hockey Association (WYHA)

NYSAHA Policy on Releases

"Players will be allowed to move from one team (association) to another team (association) at the conclusion of the State Tournament for 12 and under players and at the end of National Tournaments for players 13 and above.  At the conclusion of the respective tournament the player must obtain a Player/financial release from the association that they are leaving showing they have no financial and/or equipment obligation.  When a player joins a new association and the association and player commit in writing, that commitment to participate is for the next complete season. Until the season ends (after respective tournament) no permission to move will be granted without extenuating circumstances.    …
Any player trying out in an age classification that does not lead to a National Championship (as of this writing is mite (8u), squirt (10u), and Peewee (12u)) can obtain a release for the purpose of trying out at another organization, but will remain committed to his/her present organization until the conclusion of all youth/girls national tournaments.    … 

Release Request Process

Webster Youth Hockey players wishing to be released must complete the following form. Upon submission WYHA will confirm whether or not the player has any outstanding obligations to the association or team.

Parents of players completing this form can expect to receive a determination and signed NYSAHA player release form within 10 days. Please plan and make your requests EARLY!! See the NYSAHA Policy on Releases posted above.

PLEASE NOTE: You must be LOGGED ON to your SportNGIN account to complete the Release Request.  This will NOT work if you try to complete it as a Guest User.

If you do not get your request within the 10 day time parameter, please contact your Division VP:
       Travel:    Mark Hyde

     Girls:  Kyle Johnson
       House/Pony:     David Weiss