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Goalie Training

WYHA's Focus on Goalie's

Welcome to the new WYHA!  We will focus on goalie's this year, training goalie's one-on-one periodically.  This is all INCLUDED in your WYHA fees!

WYHA has collaborated with Janosz Goalie Training to bring you the best techniques.

WYHA Goalie Training - Welcome!

Working with Bob Janosz. Focus on imprivng technique of a key part of each team

WYHA Goalie Clinics - refining our assets

Date Time Location Comments
10/10/2016 5p - 6p Webster NO SHOOTERS NEEDED!
10/24/2016 5p - 6p Webster
11/14/2016 6p - 7p Webster
11/28/2016 6p - 7p Webster
12/12/2016 6p - 7p Webster
1/9/2017 6p - 7p Webster
1/23/2017 6p - 7p Webster
2/6/2017 6p - 7p Webster
2/20/2017 6p - 7p Webster
3/6/2017 5p - 6p Webster