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Link to SportNGIN Getting Started Page
The getting started page has a downloadable Parent and Athlete  Guide which will show you how to Create an Account & fully utilize features of your account and your children's team websites. Also the Guide will show families with multiple accounts how to link the accounts so multiple family members can receive email and text messages.
NOTE: WYHA recommends that each family have one account with a secondary email and a primary cell phone enabled to receive messages.  However, for families desiring more emails and cell phones enabled, the above Guide will explain how to establish multiple accounts and link them.  SportNGIN has also just written the following article on how to link multiple accounts which parents may find useful:   SportNGIN Multiple Accounts Article

Quick Instructions to Enable Secondary Emails & Text Messages:
1.) Logon to your account.
2.) Click on the "V" symbol next to your user name in the upper left hand corner.
3.) The Account drop down menu is shown. Select "Account Settings"
4.) Account Settings shows your name, primary & secondary email addresses and a mobile number if they have been added and activated.  Note that if not added AND activated, emails or text messages will NOT be received.
5.) Add whatever is missing (note that email addresses can only be associated with one account) and also make sure to follow the directions for activation/verification.
6.) Then scroll down untilto get to "Webster Cyclones Youth Hockey Association" & make sure both email and text messages are enabled (check the box) for all profiles associated with your account.
       Note that disabling (unchecking the box) means not getting anything sent from the WYHA website both for your child('s) team and any general emails/messages sent by the association.  We recommend that at least the email be always enabled.  Text messages are optional.
Once text messages & email are enabled, messages sent via the website will be received.  The defaults are email enabled (if activated) and text messages disabled.

NOTE: to change the Primary email on your account, add it as a secondary email, activate it and then switch the primary and secondary emails.  Then delete the old email as your secondary email (if necessary).

There are many other interesting features in your account - we urge parents to explore the other items on the account menu which include checking payment status, registrations, messages etc.


Using Tags to Show Calendar Events for Teams you are interested in
The above link is most useful for users who wish to see either all teams schedules or for parents who have multiple children in WYHA and want to see all of their children's schedules on one calendar.

What is the Member Dashboard?
Purpose: The dashboard is the area where all of the member data is held. Members are able to see any messages sent to them, the profiles that are on the system, the groups that they are a part of, what they have registered for, what they have purchased, the access that they have, and the account settings.  This is also where users link two accounts or change the primary and secondary email(s) associated with the account.  PLEASE DO NOT TURNOFF EMAILS FROM WYHA - you will also turn off emails from your child's team website & manager!


Help Pages on SportEngine Mobile and Syncing Calendars