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WYHA Policy Statement:
Every parent/guardian, when they register their child, agrees to the four (4) Agreements in the Documents listed below the WYHA Policies.  In addition to the WYHA Policies (listed below), WYHA follows and expects all members (parents, players, spectators, board members, coaches and team staff) to adhere to all USA Hockey Policies including, but not limited to, policies on Bullying, Locker Rooms, Discrimination and Substance Abuse.

In addition to the above agreements, Coaches and Team Staff agree to follow the USA Hockey Coaches Code of Conduct and the Registration Agreements (available for download at the bottom of this page).

All registration fees as a participant in the Webster Youth Hockey program will be due and payable in full by July 31st (Travel Midgets must be registered and paid two weeks before the WNYAHL Scheduling Meeting or July 31 whichever occurs earlier). A late fee of $50.00 will be assessed to the registrant if payment in full is not made by that date. Players not paid by July 31st will not be allowed on the ice and will NOT be rostered (can not play in Games) or drafted (House). In addition, there will be a $50 non-sufficient fund (NSF) fee imposed for all returned checks. Further payments to be made due to NSF fee will be by credit card, bank check or money order only. Parents electing to use the WYHA Payment Plan must continue to make payments on schedule or risk the penalties for not being paid in full.
This policy will be strictly enforced. Coach(es), manager(s) and parent(s) will be subject to disciplinary action determined by the Webster Youth Hockey Board of Directors.
USA Hockey allows 20 players on a team. Our target at Webster Youth Hockey is 14 – 17 players. Less than 14 or more than 17 players must be approved by the Webster Youth Hockey Board of Directors. Team ice time and/or fees may be adjusted relative to the number of players rostered on a team.
Any team representing Webster Youth Hockey, i.e., House, Select, Girls and/or Travel needs to be a USA Hockey rostered team.
Any WYHA team participating in tournaments can ONLY participate in USA Hockey or Hockey Canada sanctioned tournaments. It is the responsibility of the team to provide the WYHA Registrar with documentation proving that the tournament has been sanctioned by the appropriate organization (USA Hockey or Hockey Canada).
In addition to only playing in sanctioned Tournaments, teams are responsible for ensuring that they only play rostered USA (or Canadian) teams. Leagues and Tournaments are responsible for making sure all teams are appropriately rostered, thus teams are responsible for scheduling scrimmages against rostered opponents.
The following equipment is to be worn at all times (at any on-ice function at any rink) by all players in Webster Youth Hockey, in addition to USA hockey requirements:
  • neck guard
  • mouth guard 
  • HECC helmets with chinstraps properly fastened; also applies for all coaches, assistant coaches, on-ice helpers, and student coaches.  Student coaches helmets must include a face mask.
  • injured players or players not playing and sitting on the bench must wear helmet with face mask
WYHA has selected and approved team jerseys. For games (including scrimmages, tournaments, league, playoff, and championship games) and for team pictures, the use of the official WYHA-issued league jerseys and socks is required.
All coaches should make every reasonable effort/attempt to allow each player on his team to play the same amount of time throughout the season. Our policy at Webster Youth Hockey is for the development of a positive attitude in each player in an enjoyable setting/atmosphere.
House players as substitutes are allowed as dictated by Empire Amateur Hockey Conference (EAHC) rules for House leagues. See website at:

House players as alternates for a Travel team are allowed as governed by the rules of the Empire Amateur Hockey Conference (EAHC;, GLGHL, and the Western New York Amateur Hockey League (WNYAHL; website: Please refer to their respective websites for specifics. A House player’s first priority is to their House team.

Travel players as alternates for an older/higher Travel team are allowed as governed by the WNYAHL rules.  Alternates always go "up" and never "down".

  • Additional fees owed as a result of the above will be determined by and payable to the older/higher team.  The fees charged shall be clearly identified as to their purpose and returned if the alternate does not participate in the activities the fees cover.
  • Alternates are committed to and are to play for their primary team first and can be used as an alternate as long as it doesn’t interfere with the primary team’s schedule. However there are situations where use of alternates in conflict with their primary team’s schedule would be allowed. For example if the primary team has a practice and the alternate team has a game then the alternate can play in the game.  Also, if both head coaches and the Travel Director discuss the situation and it is determined use of the alternates is in the best interest of both teams and the organization as a whole.
POLICY #11 – Select or Supplemental TEAMS

Select teams will be permitted only if a written request is submitted and approved by the WYH Board. Tryouts will be held. Players must be USA Hockey rostered and fall within his/her USA hockey age classification. The Select team’s schedule cannot conflict with the House schedule.

  • WYH Select teams will be allowed ten (10) games with the same WYH House player. Once the eleventh game is played, player cannot and will not be allowed to return to a House team.
  • Select teams will have a separate registration and a separate roster established by 12/31 of current year. 
POLICY #12 – WYHA SUSPENSIONS (ie; instituted by WYHA Board or coach)
(a)   PLAYER - Suspension of a player (sitting one or more games) from Webster Youth Hockey can occur if any of Webster Youth Hockey’s and/or the team’s written rules, regulations, code of conduct and/or by-laws are violated. If being disciplined for a non-written rule, player must have a hearing prior to the actual suspension, and as soon as possible. All suspensions must be reported to the Board prior to the suspension of a player. 
(b) COACH – Suspension of a coach from Webster Youth Hockey by any individual having that authority will occur due to the breaking of any of    Webster Youth Hockey and/or team’s written rules, regulations, coaches’ code of conduct and/or by-laws. USA Hockey, WNYAHL, EAHC, and WYH all have the authority to suspend coaches, players and parents.
Any disputes between coach and player/parent that cannot be resolved must be brought to the attention of the House, Girls’ and/or Travel Director. The appropriate Director will then have the option of negotiating a solution or bringing the matter to the WYHA Disciplinary Committee or Board of Directors for review and resolution.
Any incident or circumstance that results in a player being unable to play or participate in WYH related activities due to injury or illness for more than a continuous period of four (4) weeks or more, may receive a prorated refund upon request, in writing, to the WYHA Board of Directors.
All WYH players are required to participate in a yearly, mandatory fundraiser.
Additional Fundraising:
All teams are welcome to fund raise. Fundraising must receive prior approval of WYH Board. Teams are NOT permitted to use the WYHA 501-3c status or WYHA's sales tax exemption for fundraising purposes.
End-of-year accounting:
Each team will provide WYH with an accounting of how team funds were appropriated. This accounting should be submitted to the WYHA treasurer.
For additional information concerning Sponsorship/Fundraising contact the WYHA Secretary.
The WYHA logo is trademarked. Therefore, use of the WYH logo requires approval by the Board of Directors (Executive Board).
The Tax Exempt number assigned to Webster Youth Hockey as an entity is not to be used in individual team fundraising or purchasing.  However, teams may apply to the Treasurer to have forms filled out which require our Tax I.D. number.
To be eligible for the WYHA Board of Directors, if the interested individual has children playing hockey, at least one child must play for WYHA. In addition, those interested cannot hold an office in another organization which could cause a conflict of interest.
Officers and/or committee members are expected to attend meetings on time, as dictated by attendance policy. If two meetings are missed by member, they will be asked to step down.
NOTE: Any use of the term “Board of Directors” herein specifically relates to the Webster Youth Hockey Executive Board unless otherwise agreed upon.

Policy #20 Refund of Travel/Girls/House Deposits & Fees
WYHA will refund the $150 deposit to any player who is cut or otherwise not offered a position on a WYHA Team.  Travel & Girls Deposits will be returned after the completion of House Evaluations or transferred to House once a request is made.  Players who are offered a position and subsequently decide to leave the organization before completion of the season they tried out for or evaluated for will NOT be refunded the deposit or fees unless:
     1.) The player's family moves making playing for WYHA unrealistic.
     2.) The player suffers a season ending injury.  See Injury Policy.
     3.) The player is replaced by another player approved by Head Coach and applicable Division VP.  WYHA is not responsible for finding replacements.
     4.) Another compelling reason making playing for WYHA unrealistic which is approved by the WYHA Executive Board.

In addition, any players offered a position on a WYHA Travel or Girls Team are considered to be committed for the entire subsequent playing season and any previous Releases requested or issued before Tryouts are void.  WYHA deposits & fees returned for players who were offered positions may have WYHA expenses subtracted including but not limited to credit card and processing fees.

Policy #21 Travel/Girls Jersey Costs
Once Travel/Girls jerseys are ordered, they are non-refundable. Jerseys can not be returned and orders can not be changed due to failure to accurately size the player. Players who withdraw from a team (for any reason) are still responsible for payment for the jerseys. Refunds of deposits or fees will be withheld or the jersey costs subtracted from the league or team fees already paid if necessary.

WYHA Policy Statement with Regards to Coaches:
Every coach, when they register, agrees to above four (4) Agreements and additionally agrees to the WYHA Coaches Code of Conduct below.  In addition, WYHA follows and expects all members to adhere to all USA Hockey Policies including, but not limited to, policies on Bullying, Locker Rooms, Discrimination and Substance Abuse. Coaches agree to adhere to the USA Hockey Ethics Code for Coaches which is also posted below.

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