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REGISTRATION - Coaches & Managers

COACHES, MANAGERS & LOCKER ROOM ATTENDANTS: ALWAYS UTILIZE YOUR LEGAL NAME for all registration, training & screening.  Use the name on your birth certificate or passport or driver's license.

Basic Registration Steps - Coaches & Managers

Head Coach / Assistant Coach / On Ice Helper / Manager / Locker Room Attendant Registration is open for the 2017-18 season

To Register yourself as a Coach (Head/Assistant or On Ice Helper) or Manager/Volunteer/Locker Room Attendant, please follow the steps below. More details about each step are located below including fees, lost password etc.

Head Coach & Assistant Coaches (Practice and game Bench Coaches): Steps 1,2,3,4 (a,b,c,d)

On Ice Helpers (Practice Only):  Steps 1,2,3,4 (a & b)  (current/expired CEP & age level module recommended - step #4)

Manager/Volunteer/Locker Room Attendant/Board Member (off-ice only):  Steps 1,2,3,4 (a & b)

  1. 1.) Register with USA Hockey for the 2017-18 season and save the USA Hockey Confirmation Number.  Go to to register with USA Hockey.  
    1. On Ice Helpers register with USA Hockey as a Coach 
    2. Manager/Volunteer/Locker Room Attendant: Register with USA Hockey as a Manager/Volunteer
    3. HINT: Confirmation Number needed for step #3 & to complete screening & training requirements in #4.
  2. 2.) Log into (returning WYHA members) OR create a Sport Engine Account.  See the instructions at SportNGIN Account Info to create a Sport Engine Account or for login/lost/forgotten password instructions. (HINT: Use the same account as used to register your child)
  3. 3.) Register with WYHA as a Coach/Manager/Locker Room Attendant(LRA)/On Ice Helper: Go to the WYHA Coach/Manager Registration Link Below. The Coach & Manager/Volunteer Registration Link is separate from the Player Registration Link.
    • Follow the Instructions on each Registration page and click on the Continue button at the bottom of each page to move to the next page.  Registration is NOT completed until the whole process is completed.
    • Carefully review the information entered on the Review page.  The Review page edit links allow correction of any information entered in error.  Once an edit link is selected and the information corrected, then Continue through the rest of the Registration until the Review page is reached.
  4. 4.) COMPLETE all training, screening and certifications by your team's first practice.  REMINDER: Screening, Modules and SafeSport are Required to be completed by the first practice.  Coaching Education Training class MUST BE signed up for by the first practice (or in the case of Travel Bantam & Midgets as soon as possible in August).  Page DOWN for instructions on how to look up your status and links to Training

a. SafeSport Training (required every two seasons)

b. NYSAHA Screening (required every two seasons)

c. Coaching Module (U8, U10, U12, U14, U18 - does not expire)

d. Coaching Education Program (CEP) Clinic - required if clinic has expired or will expire by 12/31.  U8/RWB and U6/Pony coaches may have a expired CEP but it must be at least Level 1.

Coach / Manager Instructions

NEW for 2017-18:  Registration for Locker Room Attendants is added!

Coaches should only register once per season and covers on ice, on the bench activities and off ice activities.  Covers registration for Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and On Ice Helpers.  All Coaches must be 18 or older. 

Student Coaches: Any WYHA players (ages 13-17) wishing to help on a younger team will be Student Coaches, go to Coaches Corner for more info.

Managers, Locker Room Attendants and Volunteers  There is no cost to register at USA Hockey as  Manager/Volunteer. Registration as a Locker Room Attendant, Manager or Volunteer does NOT allow on ice or on the bench participation.

COACH (HC/AC) & On Ice Helper & Manager/Volunteer/Locker Room Attendant WYHA Registration Link


Sport NGIN Account Info

Information on how to create a Sport NGIN Account, Activate your Email, Log In and Forgot Password Instructions

TEAM STAFF Training Information & Links

SafeSport Training:  Go to USA Hockey SafeSport PageComplete before 1st practice.  Expires after two seasons.  Refresher Training (i.e. shorter) taken after initial course expires.  If you do not remember when this was last completed, please look at the NYS SafeSport List located at: NYS Screening & SafeSport Webpage  
NOTE 1:  Do NOT select "Other"  or "US Olympic/National/Development Team" or "USOC" for any SafeSport registration questions.  The correct answer is "USA Hockey" or "Webster Youth Hockey" depending on the context of the question!

NYSAHA Screening  Screening Link  Complete before 1st practice   Screening expires after two seasons.  If last completed during 2015-16 season (or earlier), you must re-screen before 1st practice.  If you do not remember when this was last completed, please look at the NYS Screening List located at: NYS Screening & SafeSport Webpage   Please FORWARD your email CONFIRMATION (NOT the report) to if you screened since 5/1/2017.  Proof must be submitted in order to roster team staff.  EMAIL must have NAME, CONFIRMATION # and DATE to be accepted.  Page down for an example email!

USA Hockey Webpage with Coaching Certification Requirements & CEP/Module Lookup Tool:     CEP List  (Register Before 1st Practice: send receipt for registration for clinic or online Level 3 recert to Registrar at    clinics typically held in Sept, Oct, or Nov)    Link to USA Hockey Coaching Clinic Information   Coaching Clinics

2017-18 Season CEP (Coaching Education Program) Information (includes dates for clinics in West Section) and Changes to the Registration System. Go to 2017 CEP

USA Hockey Webpage for Age Specific Modules:  Age Specific Modules    Complete before 1st practice  See CEP List above to check modules completed status.

Screening Results / Confirmation Email EXAMPLE

Forward to as proof Team Staff have completed screening since April 1, 2017Team Staff who completed screening from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 do NOT need to re-screen and this status should already be on their USA Hockey Credentials Record!

Registration - Need Help?

Problems / Questions:   Please contact the Registrar, Jeanne Barreca 585-586-1773 if you have problems with Registration, questions and/or have special circumstances.

TWO Quick Suggestions:
1.) We do not recommend using your Smart Phone to Register.  While some parents have been successful, we suggest that you switch to a laptop, tablet or desktop computer if you have issues.
2.) It is REQUIRED that parents completing the Registration be logged into their Sport NGIN account.  Bizarre effects have been noticed when trying to Register using Guest Access.

Coaches (and Team Staff) - Why do I have to do this Training?

The following was borrowed from a recent Amateur Hockey Association Illinois (AHAI) newsletter:
"USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program (CEP) require: USA Hockey Registration, Screening, SafeSport Training, Age Specific Module completion and the appropriate Level CEP clinic to be eligible to coach. Why?
The answer is rather simple; the kids deserve it. What do I mean by that? As parents, you turn your children over to their coaches for several hours a week. After parents and teachers, your kids spend more time with coaches than probably anyone else during the season. USA Hockey and AHAI want that experience to be the best and safest it can be. Only properly educated coaches can help in the development of your skaters both on and off the ice. Coaches have a massive responsibility. Most of us remember our coaches; both the good and the bad. The effect they have on players can be immense and with that comes great responsibility.
  • Coaching Education Program (CEP) Online Age-Specific Requirements (Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed)
  • USA Hockey Requirements: Register as a member of USA Hockey, complete background screening and complete USAH SafeSport Training (Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed)

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