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Travel & Girls Tryouts Info

The Registration "Travel & Girls Tryouts Info" is not currently available.

The Travel & Girls Tryouts Schedule is posted below.  As always, families should check this webpage frequently as the dates approach as days/times may change and additional info is posted. 

If there is a time sensitive issue with Tryouts (example injury, illness or conflict), please contact Mark Hyde OR the Girls Director at OR the Head Coach of the team your child is trying out for.

Continue paging down for Tryout Process & Online Registration Links (will open 1 week before 1st tryout day per NYSAHA regulations)
PAYMENT BY CREDIT CARD:  Parents wishing to pay the Tryout Fee & Deposit by Credit Card MUST register online BEFORE they come to the rink using the link below (below the schedule).  We have no way to accept credit cards at the rink. 
NOTE: We would appreciate it if all online registrations are completed by 3 PM on the 1st day of tryouts your child attends so that lists can be downloaded and printed before staffers leave for the rink.

Release Request:  Located at the Bottom of the Contact Us page

Travel Tryout Schedule 2017-18 Season - Bantam, Midget & Girls

Travel Team Player BirthYear Coach Tryout Day 1 Tryout Day 2 Tryout Day 3 Other Info
U13 Bantam Minor / Mixed 2004 & 2003 Chad Fikes Wed 4/26 5-6 PM Thurs 4/27 6-7 pm TRYOUTS IN PROGRESS See note above
U14 Bantam Major 2003 Lou DiMartino Wed 4/12 6-7 PM Thurs 4/13 6-7 PM Wednes 4/26 8-9 PM HC email: See Coach Bio posted below. This team will be HS friendly. COMPLETED
U16 Midget Minor TB TEAM SELECTED 2001-2002 Mark Cuzzupoli Wed 4/12 7-8 PM Thurs 4/13 7-8 PM Friday 4/14 8-9 PM HC email: COMPLETED
U16 NTB or U15 Midget Minor 2001-2002 Eric Birkemeier Wed 4/12 7-8 PM Thurs 4/13 7-8 PM Friday 4/14 8-9 PM HC email: See Season Plan below CANCELLED due to lack of committment
U18 Midget Major TEAM SELECTED 1999-2000 Keith Horan/Fred Campbell Wed 4/12 8-9 PM Thurs 4/13 9-10 PM HC emails:; COMPLETED
GIRLS TEAMS: Please see Girls 2017-18 Document posted below for further Girls Info
Girls U12 Supplemental 2008 - 2005 Joe Meyer Wed 4/12 5-6 pm Friday 4/14 6-7 pm HC email:
Girls U14 2003 2004 Peter Brokiou Wed 4/12 5-6 pm Friday 4/14 6-7 pm HC email:
Girls U16 2001 - 2002 Mark Hyde Thurs 4/13 8-9 pm Friday 4/14 7-8 pm Wednes 5/3 8-9 PM HC email:
Girls U19 1998 - 2000 Jeff Coffed Thurs 4/13 8-9 pm Friday 4/14 7-8 pm Wednes 5/3 8-9 PM HC email:

Travel Tryout Process & Info

General Information:

A.) All tryouts will be held at Webster Ice Arena.
B.) Players should check in at least 45 minutes before start of tryout ice time to complete registration (hand in forms, checks, online registration confirmation email, etc - see below for Items Needed) and be issued a tryout jersey.
C.) It is recommended players attend all tryout dates.
D.) TB Status at the Youth U12, U14, U16, U18 and Girls Teams will be determined based on the quality of the talent after tryouts.

NOTE 1: Players must register for and attend the tryout based on their birth date.  There is a comments field in the online Tryout Registration system for approved Move-ups (see info below for move-up process).

NOTE 2: WNYAHL has removed the exception for Major aged players on Minor teams effective for the 2017-18 season.  If there are not enough Minor aged players at Tryouts and enough interested Major aged players, WYHA will consider forming a Mixed team to replace the Minor team. Not applicable to Girls teams.

Registration is required to participate in tryouts.
The following items must be completed and handed in at Tryout BEFORE players are allowed to skate:

1. (All Players) WYHA Tryout Registration has two options:

  • Option1: See below for document to print, fill out and bring to Tryouts.
  • Option 2: Complete online registration (page down for registration link) and bring a printout of the email confirmation.  This option is required for those wishing to pay by credit card.

2. (All Players) Payment of Tryout & Deposit Fees:

  • Two Checks made out Webster Youth Hockey:
    • Tryout fee of $50 per player.  This fee pays for the tryout ice time.  This fee is non-refundable.
    • $150 deposit required.  The $150 deposit is refundable after House Evaluations complete if the player does not make a team or the team is not formed.  Parents need to explicitly make a request to get a refund as we have no idea if they left or will register for House until August. All refunds are processed at the monthly Officer meetings. See for further info on the deposit refund policy. Travel deposits (online, cash or checks) are automatically moved to Empire House Evaluations so players not making a Travel team should register for House Evaluations and select "pay offline" with a request in the Comments field "transfer deposit from Travel tryouts".
  • Online Registration and payment by Credit Card:
    • Payment by Credit Card is ONLY available online.  Payment by Credit Card will NOT be available at Webster Ice Rink on the night of Tryouts.
    • The only option for Travel & Girls Tryouts Credit Card payment is ONE $200 payment which covers both the $50 Tryout Fee & the $150 Deposit.
    • (New to WYHA) Parents must create a SportNGIN account to register online.  Instructions are below.
    • (Current WYHA players)  Parents must be logged into their SportNGIN account to register online.  Forgotten password instructions are below with the instructions on how to create an account.
    • Note that per NYS Hockey regulations, all organizations may not open online registration until one week prior to the 1st night of tryouts for a team.

3. (If did not play for WYHA in 2016-17) Birth Certificate (or passport) COPY if your child did NOT play for WNY based Travel or Girls TB Team in 2016-17 season.

4. (If did not play for WYHA in 2016-17) Release from 2016-17 Season team.  Obtained from the President of your 2016-17 organization.  Players without a signed Release will NOT be permitted to skate at tryouts.  Must be the original (if your organization issues paper only) or a printed version of the emailed release (if your organization scans and sends them by email attachment).  Emailed releases may also be sent to before 3 PM on the 1st day of tryouts.

  • If your child played for an organization NOT in New York, please contact Jeanne Barreca, WYHA Registrar

5. (If did not play for WYHA in 2016-17 or did not play on a USA Hockey registered team in 2016-17 season): Proof of USA Hockey Registration.  Bring a printed copy of 2016-17 OR 2017-18 confirmation page to hand in.  2016-17 confirmation is good until August 1, 2017.   2017-18 confirmation is available after April 1, 2017


Post Tryout Processes:

Once tryouts are completed, rosters will be posted at the links below or on the website front page (page down to find).  The links will be activated when rosters are made available.

Commitment Form - The NYS Committment Form procedure is: Part A will be completed at a Team meeting within one week of the Tryout Completion.  Parents complete and sign Part A.  The Head Coach then completes and signs Part B.  Then the Team Manager will convey all forms to the WYHA Registrar Jeanne Barreca and she will coordinate completion of Part C by the WYHA President. 

To Prepare for tryouts, please do ONE of the following:  
1.) Print & fill out the Tryout Registration Form (Payment Options for Tryout Fee & Deposit: CASH and CHECK ONLY)
2.) Complete the online Registration and print the Confirmation Email (REQUIRED IF WISH TO USE A CREDIT CARD TO PAY TRYOUT FEE & DEPOSIT)


Parents wishing to pay the Tryout Fee & Deposit by Credit Card MUST register online BEFORE they come to the rink using the link below.  We will have no way to take credit cards at the rink.  This link will open one week before the 1st day of Tryouts.


If you do NOT register online for Tyrouts, please print and fill out the form below and bring it with $200 cash or two checks made out to Webster Youth Hockey - one for $50 for the Tryout Fee (nonrefundable) & one for $150 for the League Fee Deposit (refundable if do not play for WYHA Travel, Girls or Empire House).

Sport NGIN Account Information - Creation & Forgot Password

To Create a new Sport NGIN account or LOGIN to your existing Sport NGIN account: 

NOTE: Please create a Sport NGIN account ONLY once per family. Parent's should create the account in the parent/guardian's name and personal email. To LOGIN, click on the LOGIN link in the upper left hand corner of WYHA.COM (user id is your email address), see below for forgotten/reset password instructions.

  • STEP 1 - Create an account: Click on the LOGIN link in the upper left of WYHA.COM then select the "Create an Account" button on the lower right hand side of the login display page. Type in your Account Info (use the parent's name & info) and select the "Sign Up for your Sport NGIN Account" button.
  • STEP 2 - Activate your account: Click on the activation link in the welcome email SportNGIN sends to your email account shortly after account creation. If the email does not appear within 5 minutes, please check your junk/spam folder.  IF YOU DO NOT PERFORM THIS STEP, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE MESSAGES FROM YOUR TEAM OR WYHA. Your child may miss team activities or notes from the coach/manager. Also, Coaches & managers can NOT receive privileges to maintain your team website.
  • Forgotten/Reset Password Instructions: Click on the LOGIN link in the upper left hand corner.  A login popup is shown.  Type your email address into the User Id/Email address field then select the "Forgot password?" link below the Password field and follow the directions.

Webster Release Info

2016-17 Webster Youth Hockey players who wish to obtain a Release should go to the Contact Us page.  The Release Process and Request Form are located at the BOTTOM of this page.  Please make your requests 10 days before they are needed to allow sufficient time for processing.

New Policy for 2017-18 on U12 players playing up

12 u playing up (Pg 12 District and National Guide book)

4) Participation in Older Divisions of District or National Championships – 2017-18 Season and Beyond

Beginning in the 2017-18 season, no player 12 years of age or younger (as defined in the age classification chart for the current season) is eligible to play on a team intending or declared to compete in the District or National Championships or playoffs leading thereto. A player 13 years of age or older may play on a youth or girls’ team in an older classification at a District or National Championship Tournament only if the applicable Affiliate’s rules or decisions, and the applicable local program’s rules or decisions, permit that player to do so. A player residing in one Affiliate may not play on a team in an older classification in a different Affiliate unless both the Affiliate where the player resides and the Affiliate where the player desires to play have granted permission to play in an older classification.

Travel Tryout Schedule 2017-18 Season - Squirt & Peewee

Travel Team Player BirthYear Coach Tryout Day 1 Tryout Day 2 Tryout Day 3 Other Info
U9 Squirt Minor/U9-10 Squirt Mixed 2007-2008 Matt Bernier Monday 3/27 6-7 pm Wednes 3/29 6-7 pm HC email:
U10 Squirt Major 2007 Matt Dwyer Monday 3/27 6-7 pm Wednes 3/29 6-7 pm HC email:
U11 Peewee Minor 2006 Olesh Murij Monday 3/27 7-8 pm Wednes 3/29 7-8 pm HC email:
U12 Peewee Major 2005 Reed Yancey Monday 3/27 8-9 pm Wednes 3/29 8-9 pm HC email:

Bantam Team Update for week of 4/24 tryouts

Given the number of inquiries we have received, we anticipate forming two Bantam teams.  Our goal is to form a U14/Bantam Major TB team (if the talent at the final tryout warrants it) and then a second NTB U14 team or a Bantam Mixed (U13&U14) Team.

We have a couple of coach candidates for the second Bantam team and this coach will be announced after the first U14/Bantam Major team is determined. 4/27 Update: Coach Chad Fikes has agreed to coach this team.

Bantam Major U14 FINAL Tryout: Wednesday 4/26 8-9 PM  4/26 TRYOUT COMPLETED and TEAM COMMITTED

Bantam Minor U13/Bantam Mixed U13/U14/Bantam Major U14 Second Team: Wednesday 4/26 5-6 PM & Thursday 4/27 6-7 PM     TRYOUTS COMPLETED

Webster Travel & Girls Tryout Results 2018-19 Season

Travel & Girls Tryout Results: 

NOTE: Unless there is a "POSTED" next to the link, the link is NOT ACTIVE and no tryout results are available!

          Squirt U10 Tryout Results:  
          Peewee Minor U11 Tryout Results:
          Peewee Major U12 Tryout Results:   
               Bantam Mixed Tryout Results: 
          Bantam Major U14 Tryout Results:  
          Midget Minor U16 TB Tryout Results:  
          Midget Major U18 Tryout Results:   
               Girls Tryout Results: 

NOTE: these links will not work until the tryout has completed and the Coach has had his roster Approved & Posted!

Midget U16 Update for week of 4/24

A Midget U16 tryout on Thursday, 4/27 from 9-10 PM has been added to finalize the selection of this team.
4/27: THIS TRYOUT & TEAM HAS BEEN CANCELLED due to lack of committment

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