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Beginner Information

Parents Guide to Buying Hockey Equipment

Link to article from USA Hockey posted on the ADM website.

Beginner Program Description

2 + 2 Challenge Award for 8 & Under Participation from USA Hockey

The Beginner Program is intended for girls and boys 4 - 12 years old who want to learn to skate and play hockey.  NOTE: Webster Youth Hockey does not recommend the Beginner program for 3 year olds unless they have completed at least one session of a Learn to Skate program (for example: Webster Skating School).
The program is designed to teach the participants the fundamentals of skating, basic hockey skills, and self confidence. The goal of the program is to have FUN while learning the basics of a great sport. The participants will be divided into several groups primarily based on skill level.
The beginner program is a prerequisite for Webster Youth Hockey's team based programs (Pony/6U, RWB/8U, House 10U & 12U) which Beginners can transition to once they have completed at least one full session (Fall or Winter) of Beginners and we recommend two sessions (Fall & Winter) unless the child has previous skating experience.

Hockey Equipment:
We recommend that the participants have full hockey gear to maximize their safety on the ice. At a minimum the participants need a certified hockey helmet with wire cage face mask, elbow/knee pads (rollerblade or ice hockey), hockey gloves, a straight blade ice hockey stick and single blade hockey skates. Figure skates and double bladed learner skates are not permitted.  We recommend shin guards.  Hockey jerseys will be provided for the participants.
  For Beginners, players may use roller blade elbow/knee pads if they have them already.  Our Pro Shop will work with parents to outfit their children with new equipment.  Other options include Locker Room Sports.  For parents wishing low cost used equipment options, we recommend Play it Again Sports in Henrietta.  We have some donated equipment, contact if interested - it unlikely any child can be outfitted completely using our donated equipment  sizes and availability varies.

The program is divided into two sessions, Fall and Winter. 

The Fall session will start in October and run through December. There will be 22 sessions. Ice time for both sessions of the program will be Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings. The actual start date for the Fall session will be finalized in September. (For 2017, Beginners will begin the week of 10/2)

The Winter session will start in January and run through March. There will be a total of 22 sessions. Ice time for both sessions of the program will be Wednesday evenings (6-7pm) and Saturday mornings (9-10am). The actual start dates for the winter session will be finalized in December.

Skaters may enroll after the start of the session if there is space available. The session will be capped at 60 players.  In the Fall, there will be a 1/2 price session starting in November for 6 weeks if there is sufficient demand and space available. In the Winter, there will be a 1/2 price session starting in February and running thru mid-March.

All players must register with USA Hockey at before filling out the Webster Youth Hockey Registration (instructions and Player Registration Link at ).  USA Hockey Registration is free for those 6 and under and is good for one season (August thru May).

Cost for 2017-18 season is:
      $195 for Fall Session (Oct thru Dec)     (signup from June to October
$100 for 1/2 Price Fall mini-Session (Nov-Dec)        (signup begins 11/1/2017)
      $195 for Winter Session  (Jan thru March)    (signup from October to January)          
                  $100 for 1/2 Price Winter mini-Session (2/9-March)       (signup after 2/1)

All adults (18 and over) wishing to go on ice must register as Coaches with USA Hockey at before filling out the Webster Youth Hockey Registration (instructions and Coach Registration Link at ).  Coaches with the Beginner Program generally register as "On Ice Helpers" and MUST complete the USA Hockey SafeSport Training and NYSAHA Screening BEFORE participating.

The Beginner Program Head Coach for 2017018 Season is Jeff Corriveau and his staff of certified college age assistants.  However, any parent wishing to help as an On Ice Helper will be welcome.

For more information, contact us here.

Not Sure If Your Child is Ready? Bring Them to one of our Try Hockey for Free sessions!

Sponsored by Webster Youth Hockey

Try Hockey for Free Dates (Sponsored by Webster Youth Hockey & USA Hockey)
         Saturday September 23  9 AM    (co-ed)
         Saturday October 7        10 AM    (girls only)
         Saturday November 4     10 AM   (co-ed)
         Saturday March 3, 2018     Time TBD (co-ed)

All new skaters 3-12 interested in trying Hockey are Welcome!  Bring a bike or other type helmet and winter gloves. Long pants and sleeves strongly suggested (it's cold on the ice!).  Free skate rentals (if needed).  Parent must sign the USA hockey waiver in order for child to skate.
NO PARENTS ON THE ICE - Webster Youth Hockey will have Coaches and older players on ice to help.
Information on the Webster Youth Hockey
Beginner Program will be available at every session!

2 + 2 Challenge 2015-16 Award for 8 & Under Participation from USA Hockey

2015-16 Beginners at work!

Cy at the Amerks Game for the Moose's Birthday on 2/19