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Coaches and Mgrs Corner

Here you will find any needed documents & information to organize your season.

Most of the information in this section can be accessed using the links on the left hand side of this page
- OR - Use the short cut links below.

  1. Coach & Manager Requirements and Information Information Link   (includes Student Coach Info)
  2. Referee Evaluation/Feedback Information  LINK
  3. Penalty Tutorial page on USA Hockey Penalty Rules, WNYAHL & EAHC League Penalty Rules (includes 2017-18 Playing Rule Changes Summary).  Penalty Tutorial Link
  4. NEW for Parents: Info for accessing the website/accounts is slowly being added to the Parent Information webpage. This includes info on how to add secondary emails to an account so another family member can be copied on WYHA & Team Info and also how to link accounts when families have multiple SportEngine accounts.  Parent Info Link
  5. Limited Access Docs: Documents accessible to only registered coaches & managers including team staff training reimbursement forms. Limited Access Link If you can not access this page, please log onto your account.  If you are a registered manager or coach, logged on and can not access these forms, please contact Jeanne Barreca
  6. Tournament Info.  As Tournaments send us info, we will post it at the following linkTournament Info
  7. Travel Permits to travel to Canada for a Tournament, single game or weekend of games: The form and instructions are posted on the Managers Book page.  Go to
  8. Concussion & Safety Information: Go to:
  9. Managers Book - set of documents that can be printed along with hints and tips - recommended each manager print the documents as needed for their managers book.  Go to
  10. 2017-18 Season CEP (Coaching Education Program) Information (includes dates for clinics in West Section) and Changes to the Registration System. Go to 2017 CEP
  11. 2017-18 SafeSport Changes Letter. Go to 2017 SafeSport Changes
  12. Locker Room Attendants (LRA): Every team is required to have a gender appropriate Locker Room Attendant. What are their duties?  A document has been placed on the Managers Book webpage. Go to
  13. Injured Player or Coach?  What needs to be done?
    1. #1 Fill out the WYHA Incident Report Form and submit to the Secretary (  Go to
    2. #2 If an Injury claim is to be filed with USA Hockey, consult this USA Hockey web page TO FILE A CLAIM for the steps to follow.  Please note that timeframes for reporting and filing claims do apply so do NOT delay!  The Insurance CLaim FOrm can be obtained by contacting the WYHA Registrar at

Coaches (and Team Staff) - Why do I have to do this Training?

The following was borrowed from a recent Amateur Hockey Association Illinois (AHAI) newsletter:
"USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program (CEP) require: USA Hockey Registration, Screening, SafeSport Training, Age Specific Module completion and the appropriate Level CEP clinic to be eligible to coach. Why?
The answer is rather simple; the kids deserve it. What do I mean by that? As parents, you turn your children over to their coaches for several hours a week. After parents and teachers, your kids spend more time with coaches than probably anyone else during the season. USA Hockey and AHAI want that experience to be the best and safest it can be. Only properly educated coaches can help in the development of your skaters both on and off the ice. Coaches have a massive responsibility. Most of us remember our coaches; both the good and the bad. The effect they have on players can be immense and with that comes great responsibility.
  • Coaching Education Program (CEP) Online Age-Specific Requirements (Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed)
  • USA Hockey Requirements: Register as a member of USA Hockey, complete background screening and complete USAH SafeSport Training (Must be completed PRIOR to participating in any team activities and cannot be added to a roster until completed)

This Article was copied to all organizations in Western New York.

Website HELP for Managers

Below are two links - one to a PDF Guide and the other to Sport ENGINE Team Management website.

REMINDER: You may update the personnel (add uniform numbers, pictures if your parents have agreed, positions) added to your ROSTER but you MAY NOT add or delete coaches, team staff, managers, players or alternates. This may only be done by the REGISTRAR (contact at as the staff/player must be registered before added to your team roster.  This rule is in place to avoid ANY team from being disqualified (or worse) for using ineligible players!

Link to Managers Book Page

The Managers Book page also has a Webster Specific list of team website management hints and tips. It is recommended that every manager PRINT this document.

Link to the SportNGIN Team Management Overview Page

This page has a very useful Guide to Team Management including schedule management, messaging and account management features of your team website. All Managers have been given Page Edit access to their team websites. If you are having problems accessing features, please contact Jeanne Barreca WARNING: DO NOT ADD OR DELETE players or coaches as they are NOT official members of your team until they have been added to your USA Hockey Roster. Also, only team staff (on your USA Hockey Roster) may be given permissions beyond "Read Only".

Team Management Sport Engine Help Page

Sport Engine help page for articles on how to use and update your team website.