Manager & Locker Room Attendant Training Information & Links

Training Instructions - Manager & Locker Room Attendant

Requirements (complete BEFORE 1st practice):

      1. Register as a Manager/Volunteer with USA Hockey: go to

  • 2. Register with Webster Youth Hockey: see separate instructions for WYHA Registration
    3. Complete Training: SafeSport and Screening. SafeSport and Screening expire after two seasons. Instructions and Links are Below.
NOTE: On Ice Helpers & Coaches may also serve as Locker Room Attendants and Managers.  They do NOT have to register with USA Hockey as a Manager/Volunteer.

SafeSport Training

Complete before 1st practice. Expires after 2 seasons. If SafeSport was completed BEFORE April 1 of last year, SafeSport Training has expired and must be completed before 1st practice!  USA Hockey has changed the training starting in 2017-18 season so follow the instructions carefully to make sure you complete all parts. Training is free. If they want to charge a fee, you are taking the wrong course!  NOTE: SafeSport Training will show up on your USA Hockey record approximately 48 hours after completion.

SafeSport Training


Complete before 1st practice. Screening expires after 2 seasons.  If screening was completed before April 1 of last year, your screening has expired and re-screening is required. Make sure you request a copy of your report.   REQUIRED: FORWARD page ONE of your report to as proof of completion.  Proof must be submitted as NYS may take up to 3 months to sync on your record.