Manager & Locker Room Attendant Training Information & Links

Training Instructions - Manager & Locker Room Attendant

Requirements (complete BEFORE 1st practice):

      1. Register as a Manager/Volunteer with USA Hockey: go to

  • 2. Register with Webster Youth Hockey: see separate instructions for WYHA Registration
    3. Complete Training: SafeSport and Screening. SafeSport and Screening expire after two seasons. Instructions and Links are Below.
NOTE: On Ice Helpers & Coaches may also serve as Locker Room Attendants and Managers.  They do NOT have to register with USA Hockey as a Manager/Volunteer.

SafeSport Training

Complete before 1st practice. Expires after 2 seasons. If SafeSport was completed BEFORE April 1 of last year, SafeSport Training has expired and must be completed before 1st practice!  USA Hockey has changed the training starting in 2017-18 season so follow the instructions carefully to make sure you complete all parts. Training is free. If they want to charge a fee, you are taking the wrong course!  NOTE: SafeSport Training will show up on your USA Hockey record approximately 48 hours after completion.

SafeSport Training


Complete before 1st practice. Screening expires after 2 seasons.  If screening was completed before April 1 of last year, your screening has expired and re-screening is required. Make sure you request a copy of your Background Report.   REQUIRED: Send the Background Report (a PDF) to as proof of completion.  If you do not get your Background Report within 3 business days, please call 1-800-284-0906 and request that your report be sent to you. Proof must be submitted as USA Hockey is no longer marking your record without submission of the report by organization Registrars.