NYSAHA Policies on Tryouts, Releases and Recruitment

2020 Tryout Start Dates (as set by West Section) for Travel, Girls and Empire House:

For age classifications that do not lead to a National Tournament (12 U & below) tryouts can start Tuesday, March TBD

For age classifications that lead to a National Tournament (14 U through 18 U)  tryouts can begin Wednesday, April TBD.

Empire House Evals (7U to 18U) will be scheduled after the conclusion of Tryouts. Pony/6U players do not need to attend Empire House Evals (unless they wish to play 8U) and should register for the Pony Program once Registration opens in Early June.

NOTE: All Players (Travels, Girls, Empire House & RWB/8U, Pony/6U, & Beginners) who wish to move to another organization for 2020-21 must request a release prior to attending the Tryouts or Evals at the new organization.  WYHA has 10 days to process all Release requests per NYSAHA rules.


From Pages 48-49 of the 2019-20 NYSAHA Guidebook found at: https://www.nysaha.com/page/show/885596-nys-usah-guide-book


     A. Player Movement Restrictions. No player will be allowed to move from one team to another team, and no team or Association may engage in “Recruitment” (as defined in this Rule 4) of players or offer contracts to players for the following season until:

          (i) for teams comprised of players 13 years old and Over (including Tier I, Tier II and Tier III teams), until 48 hours after the last game of the Youth National Championships (both Tier I and Tier II Nationals must be completed), or;

          (ii) for all other teams that do not lead to a National Championship (currently 8 & Under, 10 & Under, and 12 and Under, until 48 hours after the conclusion of the last game of the NYS Hockey State Tournaments.

     B. Signed Release. Upon the foregoing having been satisfied for that player, the player must obtain a fully signed Player/Financial Release from each Association they are leaving, showing that they do not have a financial and/or equipment obligation owed to their Association(s), before any player movement outside of their Association(s) will be permitted. In the event a player was rostered during the previous season in a different USA Hockey Affiliate or District than NYS Hockey, a written document that verifies the player does not have a financial obligation to the former team is still required.

     C. Player Movement During the Season.
           1. When a player joins a new Association and the Association and player commit in writing, that commitment to participate is for the next complete season.
Until the season ends as provided in sub-section A above, no permission to move will be granted without “Extenuating Circumstances”, as defined in this Rule 4.
         2. Regardless of the circumstances, players will be prohibited to sign with a new Association between February 1 of the current season until the official end of the season as outlined above.

     D. Extenuating Circumstances. For any player movement request not permitted in accordance with sub-sections A and B above, the request must be submitted to the respective Section Vice President who will make the determination and present it to the NYS Hockey Board of Directors or its Executive Committee for the decision to be confirmed prior to such movement being allowed. Extenuating Circumstances shall include, but not be limited to the following:

         (i) The player’s current Association has signed a Player/Financial Release at any time during the season with respect to the player;

         (ii) The team on which the player was rostered has been disbanded, and the Association cannot offer the player a comparable team on which to play (a non-tournament-bound team is not a comparable team if the player was originally rostered on a tournament-bound team); or

         (iii) The player has relocated to another region such that it would be impracticable, or unreasonable, to require the player to continue to play with the current Association. For any reason other than (i) above, extenuating circumstances must include the player having satisfied all reasonable financial obligations to the current Association. A Player/Financial Release sought under Extenuating Circumstances ordinarily should not be granted after February 1 if the player was rostered on a tournament-bound team during the current season.

     E. Recruitment. Associations, through their Participant Members or other component persons (whether or not affiliated with the Association), are prohibited from soliciting or otherwise contacting youth, girls or high school players from another Association, such as by offering contracts, holding tryouts, development camps, programs or other activities, or otherwise engage in conduct that would appear to suggest that such a player who has not been released change his or her affiliation with their current Association (such activities to be known as “Recruitment”). It shall be evidence of Recruitment if after such player and Association have executed a commitment and the player has not been released by obtaining a Player/Financial Release, that the player is contacted by another Association in the above prohibited manner. Any written and signed complaint regarding Recruitment shall be directed to the respective Section President, who will investigate and make a full report to the NYS Hockey Board of Directors, which will take action as deemed necessary and appropriate.

Player Registration & Movement Rules applying to TB Teams

From Pages 52-52 of the 2019-20 NYSAHA Guidebook found at: https://www.nysaha.com/page/show/885596-nys-usah-guide-book

4. Player Registration Requirements
     (a). A player of any gender may not be registered and/or play with more than one (1) tournament-bound team regardless of classification, and not with any other ice federation, except for High School Club players who may be on one other’s tournament-bound roster. In addition to the above, no player may be rostered onto a tournament-bound team after the earlier of (i) the commencement of the applicable Section tournament or playdown, and (ii) December 31st of the applicable year except for 18 & Under, 16 & Under and 15 only teams who have until December 31st with the approval of the respective Section President. High school club, varsity and/or prep school divisions have until February 15th .

     (b). Youth and girls players on a National Bound team in another District, who are eliminated from contention and did not qualify in the registered district for the National Tournament, are not eligible to join a National or State bound team in the NY District.
     (c). An additional exception shall be made for an 18 & Under and 16 & Under Tournament Bound rostered player that fits within and follows the Guidelines of the USA Hockey Youth/Junior Council Pilot Project II, The player may be rostered on and play for a Junior Team from the time their 18 & Under and 16 & Under season is dormant until February 15. (Dormant is defined as no 18 & Under and 16 & Under team activity during the time period.) At that time the player must return to their 18 & Under and 16 & Under team.
    (d). All players must be listed on an approved USA Hockey Roster. Players who are redlined or not listed will be considered ineligible. A public link is sent to the Association registrar and head coach of the team after the initial approval of the roster. It is the responsibility of the team’s head coach and registering Association to ensure all players on a specific team are properly registered and placed on the team roster. Neglecting to ensure the accuracy of a roster and the listing all players on a team is not considered a clerical error. An ineligible player shall mean a participant who is not registered properly; is not listed on an approved USA Hockey roster; is in violation of the player movement rules; or is on suspension.
     (e). Games and Scoresheets involving ineligible players will not count toward a team’s or player’s credential requirement. Scoresheets listing players who are not claimed to a program, not properly rostered, redlined on a roster and those not approved on an official USA Hockey team roster for the NY District will not be allowed to count toward a credential for either the team in violation and or any of the players on the team. This may cause teams to be disqualified from a District or National Tournament for not meeting the credential requirement.
     (f). Head coaches are responsible for ensuring that all players listed on a scoresheet are eligible to participate in the game. The head coach or acting head coach’s signature on the scoresheet indicates that the participants listed are all properly rostered and are eligible to participate.

5. Player Movement
     (a) Any team containing a player who has moved to that team in violation of the NYS Hockey Player Movement and Recruitment Rule shall not be permitted to participate in NYS Hockey sanctioned or approved tournaments, including but not limited to playdowns, international, invitational and NYS Hockey championship tournaments.
    (b) Up until November 15 of each year, any member who knows, or should know, that its eligibility may be questioned under this rule, may submit its roster to the Section President at that time and he/she shall rule thereon and the Section President shall submit his/her findings to the Board, which shall make a decision in writing with regard thereto and communicate the same to the member by December 1 of each year. The sole remedy for members disputing the findings of the Board is arbitration under the NYS Hockey Bylaws.
    (c) The Section President may, when he or she is made aware of a violation, in writing, inform any member of its ineligibility under the rules. Such writing shall be mailed, emailed or sent to either the coach or manager listed on the roster or to an officer of the parent association and such dates as of the corporation only shall be determined as date of mailing by the corporation or date of transmission. This ruling may be disputed to the Board, whose ruling thereon shall be final, subject only to arbitration as provided for in the Bylaws.
    (d) Any member, who resorts to court action, or contravention of arbitration, shall be ineligible for NYS Hockey sanctioned tournaments.