Strong Hockey Clinics

2/19 Clinics at Webster Ice Arena

2/19 Topic is Learning how to score on Breakaways!

Breakaways Clinic on the morning of Tuesday, Feb. 19th!  How to Score on Breakaways.  Taking Breakaways from every angle possible. Instructed by Strong Hockey.  Contests + Prizes!  Goalies are needed and are free.

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December 27th at the Webster Arena

Shooting Clinic - Become a Goal Scorer!
 9:00 - 10:25    ages 6 - 9
10:25 - 11:50  ages 10 - 14

We will teach the Proper Techniques of Every kind of shot.
Forehand, Backhand, From a pass, From Stick handling, one-touch
**Goalies are needed and are 1/2 price, with our Goalie Instructor

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Learn to shoot Powerful, Quick, and Accurate!  Goalies are ½ price with a Goalie Instructor on-ice.

Veteran's Day Clinics 11/12/2018 at Webster Rink

Aggressiveness Clinic- Let's Get After It!
  9:00 - 10:25 a.m., ages 6 - 9
 10:25 - 11:50 a.m.,  ages 10 - 14

 We will Teach your skater how to be Aggressive all over the ice.
 In the Corners, Going after loose Pucks.  Along the Boards, In front of the net.
 Using Body Position to Play Safe and Gain Control of the Puck.
 ** We will match them up according to Size.
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10/8/2018 Columbus Day Clinics

The first 2 clinics from Strong Hockey are set for October 8th, Columbus Day:
Let’s Skate is a 1.5 hour early-season session where the focus will be on improving Quickness + Agility.  For ages 6 – 12. 

Checking Clinic is a 1.5 hour clinic designed to teach skaters how to accept and give a check safely.  For Bantams and 2nd year Pee Wees.  We will match them up according to size.

Please contact Jim Armstrong if you would like to go. Flyers are Posted Below or go to: