Team Manager Resources & How/Where Do I?

This is an over-arching discussion intended to point Team Managers in the right direction to find what they need to organize your season.

Most of the information in this section can be accessed using the links or you will be told to go to a particular Item under Resources-Team Manager, Resources-Parents, Resources-Coach, Organization, or told who to contact.  Some of this info is a work in progress (transferring & updating) so status is included below.

  1. Coach & Manager Registration & Training Requirements and Information - see pages under Resources - For Coaches and For Managers
          a. Student Coach Info - TBD - work in progress
  2. Referee Evaluation/Feedback Information   - TBD - work in progress
  3. Penalty Tutorial page on USA Hockey Penalty Rules, WNYAHL & EAHC League Penalty Rules (includes 2017-18 Playing Rule Changes Summary) - TBD - work in progress
  4. Limited Access Documents: Contact Jeanne Barreca, Registrar
    a. WYHA Sponsorship Request Letter
          b. Webster Logos
          c. Medical History & Consent to Treat Form
          d. Code of Conduct Form
          e. Application for USA Hockey Player Awards
          f. Team Staff Reimbursement Form - Modules, Clinics, Screening
                 NOTE: Managers should collect ALL receipts for Screening, Clinics & Modules for ALL Team Staff and submit as ONE request to the Treasurer by mailing to the WYHA PO Box (this address is at the bottom of the page).  One check will be sent to the Team and reimbursements given to team staff by the manager or team treasurer.  It is recommended that the Team Manager complete this request by 11/15.
          g. WYHA Stationary
  5. Tournament Info: POSTED under Resources-For Managers - as Tournament Info is received, it will be added.  If you want the old listings of Tournaments received for the last 2 seasons (for ideas), please contact  Note has listings of SANCTIONED tournaments which has started to populate.
  6. Travel Permits to travel to Canada for a Tournament, single game or weekend of games: POSTED under Resources-For Managers
  7. Concussion & Safety Information: Go to the page under Resources - For Parents
  8. Managers Book - set of documents that can be printed along with hints and tips - TBD - work in progress
          a. Welcome Letter
          b. WYHA Contact List - see Board and Officers List under ORGANIZATION
    c. WYHA Incident/Injury Report Form- TBD
          d. DUNHAM Coach Sportsmanship Award Nomination Form - TBD
    e. Lintala Player Award Sportmanship Nomination Form - TBD
          f. Score Clock Instructions - TBD
          g. Locker Room Supervision and Cell phone Electronic Device Policy - TBD (USA Hockey Policy)
          h. Team Treasurer Guidelines - TBD
          i. Ice Scheduling Policy & Instructions - TBD
          j. Team Website Tips & Help - TBD
          k. WYHA Head Coach & Manager List with contact Info - TBD
          l. Team FInances Template - TBD
          n. EMPIRE Only Docs: Scoresheet, Directions to East High
          o. Scheduling Meeting Tips  - TBD
  9. 2018-19 Season CEP (Coaching Education Program) Information (includes dates for clinics in West Section) - TBD - this info will be posted in early August on the USA Hockey website)
  10. 2017-18 SafeSport Changes Letter.    POSTED
  11. Locker Room Attendants (LRA): Every team is required to have a gender appropriate Locker Room Attendant. What are their duties?  A document has been placed TBD
  12. Injured Player or Coach?  What needs to be done?
         a. Fill out the WYHA Incident Report Form and submit to the Secretary (  Go to TBD
         b. If an Injury claim is to be filed with USA Hockey, consult this USA Hockey web page TO FILE A CLAIM for the steps to follow.  Please note that time frames for reporting and filing claims do apply so do NOT delay!  The current Insurance Claim Form can be obtained by contacting the WYHA Registrar at