Travel & Girls Coaches Contact Info & Season Plans

9U thru 12U Travel Coaches & Season Plans/Bios

Bill Mazzullo

9U Squirt Minor

Birth year: 2011


HC Email:

Season Plan & Bio Links not yet active

Season Plan Bio

Sean Hennessy

10U Squirt Major

Birth year: 2010

Notes: None
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Season Plan & Bio Links not yet active

Season Plan Bio

Brad Quick

11U Peewee Minor

Birth year: 2009


AC Bob Bolton & Joshua Bartlett

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Season Plan & Bio

Matt Dwyer

12U Peewee Major

Birth Year: 2008

Notes: TB or talent appropriate travel team; AC Mike Baitsholts, Luke Sciarrone, RJ Sciarrone
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13U thru 18U Travel Coaches & Season Plans/Bios

Rick Peeso

13U Bantam Minor

Birth year: 2007

Notes: 1 practice per month will be run by Jamie Newtown focused on team concepts and zone play

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Season Plan & Bio

Brad Ryan

14U Bantam Major TB

Birth year: 2006

Notes: TB or talent appropriate travel team

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Season Plan & Bio

David Weiss

14U Bantam Red / Mixed

Birth year: 2006-2007

Notes: AC Joe Lombardo

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Season Plan & Bio

Mark Goodman / Nick Benway

15U Midget Yellow

Birth year: 2005

Notes: Co-Coaches listed above, Also AC Tyler Smedley

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Season Plan & Bio

Note on Blue & Yellow Plan: WYHA is planning for two 15U teams and our intentions are to solicit interest from all 15U players then roster them as appropriate to form the most competitive teams playing in WNYAHL.  As parents/kids register via the WYHA PLAYER INTEREST registration and we develop the total list, we will use all the information available to place the players appropriately. Parents are encouraged to fully fill out the WYHA PLAYER INTEREST FORM with their player's history, preferences and other useful info to be used for placement.

Joshua Bartlett

16U Midget

Birth year: 2004

Notes: Mike Baitsholts, Brad Quick & a 4th named after tryouts
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Season Plan Bio

Mark McNamara

16U Midget TB

Birth year: 2004

Notes: TB Team
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Season Plan & Bio

Jon Paul Genest

16U Midget

Birth Year: 2004

Notes: Focused on development - will play travel AA/AAA team through an independent schedule (details outlined in season plan)
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Season Plan

Tom Kernan

18U Midget TB

Birth year: 2002-03

Notes: Assistant Coaches are McCabe, Mayer, and Cuzzupoli

HC Email:

Season Plan:

Prepare for the HS season while playing in the U18 TB division with a goal of playing in the State Tournament in March.  Two practices a week.  At least one away tournament. The final number of tournaments will be determined by the # of Q games required.

I coached for the 10 seasons as part of both the Webster Youth and Rochester Monarchs associations.  My focus is to develop the players into better HS players while making sure they are enjoying the game and the process.

Ed Swartzenberg

18U Midget

Birth year: 2002-03

HC Email:

Season Plan & Bio Links not yet active

Season Plan Bio


?U Team

Birth year: TBD

Notes: Placeholder in case we need to add a team during tryouts due to overwhelming response.
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Season Plan & Bio link not yet active

Season Plan Bio

  Girls Travel Coaches & Season Plans/Bios

Jeff Coffed

14U/16U/17U Girls

Birth year: 2003 to 2008

Notes: Talent & age appropriate girls travel team

HC Email:


I grew up playing hockey in the Buffalo area and have coached boys and girls hockey for 13 years and am currently a USA Hockey level 4 coach. I live in Webster and have three children that play.

Season Plan

Jon Providence /

Jeff Corriveau /

Bob DiNicola

12U/10U Girls Supplemental

Birth year: 2008 thru 2011


HC Email: / /

Season Plan & Bio Links not yet active

Brief, Preliminary Description:

Supplemental program that will skate several times per month in addition to your primary WYHA team.
Further Details are being worked out.
This team is ineligible to be picked in June.  Eligible Girls will be asked to register in August/Sept once they have registered for their WYHA Travel/Empire team.

Season Plan Bio

Update on Tryout Scheduling From NYSAHA President

2020-2021 Tryout information

March 14, 2020


To all NYSAHA Association Presidents:


As everyone should be aware, earlier this week USA Hockey canceled its National Tournaments and NYSAHA cancelled its State Tournaments.  With these tournament cancellations in mind, this letter is to notify every one of the dates by which tryouts may begin.


Based on this, tryouts for the 2020-2021 season can begin on the following dates (subject to change, if required).  There will be no pre-signing of players prior to these dates, whether participants in or outside of your Association.  


The tryout dates are as follows:

• All age classifications youth and girls 12U and below can start April 22, 2020;

• All age classifications youth and girls 14U and above, whether Tournament-Bound or Non-Tournament Bound, can start April 20, 2020; and

•  If your Section has rules that require tryouts to start later than the above dates, the Section rules will apply.


It should also be noted that pursuant to USA Hockey Rules, if the above tryout starting dates are violated, the Association may be subject to being sanctioned.  Those USA Hockey sanctions are as follows – 


• For Tier I, the USA Hockey Youth Council has agreed that the violation of the recruiting and tryout rules by a Tier I team shall result in that team being ineligible to be recognized as a Tier I team and ineligible for National Championships for the season for which it was holding tryouts. 

• For Tier II, the USA Hockey Youth Council has agreed that the Affiliate has the authority to subject the coach, team, program and/or responsible administrators to appropriate discipline, or ineligibility of the team or coach for violation of the recruiting and tryout rules by a Tier II team. The Youth Council has strongly recommended that the appropriate discipline for a Tier II team’s violation of the recruiting and tryout rules is to prohibit said team from being recognized as a Tier II team and making said team ineligible for the National Championships for the season for which it was holding tryouts. 

• For both Tier I and Tier II, if a team is determined to be ineligible for National Championships, the Youth Council further recommends that players that were not subject to improper recruiting or tryouts should be released and (subject to roster deadlines) free to join an eligible team.


Finally, Associations should take note that coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions have been imposed by the State of New York, banning a gathering of more than 500 people in a facility.  This means that a multi-rink building is limited to 500 people the same as a single-rink building.  This may affect how tryouts are scheduled for the facility to remain within the 500 person limit.  (Erie County is 250) Other limitations, including local restrictions, may also apply.  Please be mindful of this.

Thank you for your attention to these tryout considerations.

Yours in Hockey,


New York State Amateur Hockey Association, Inc. 

Joe Baudo 


WYHA will share additional information Tryout scheduling as it is known on this page.  Please check back weekly for updates.

Recruiting & Release Info

REMINDER on Recruiting:  All Coaches, Team Staff and most important, parents, are reminded pre-tryout skates/meetings/parties/etc and initiating contact (phone calls, social media, emails, etc.) with players/parents at other orgs is not allowed until after Nationals complete in April.  If someone asks for information, please point them to the WYHA website for information on Coaches, Teams or Tryout Schedules.

RELEASE REQUESTS: The Release Request system (look under the PROGRAMS tab) will open in early March for players in birth years 2008-2011 (9U-12U) and in late March (after NYSAHA Championships) for players 2007 & older (13U & older).  6U/8U (2012 and younger) may not change orgs until after Nationals in April (all 6U/8U programs are considered Recreational and not competitive Travel thus evaluations may not be held until after Nationals in April).   All players must have completed their seasons (all team event events including practices, league, scrimmages & tournaments) before requesting a Release.  Any player who owes money (to WYHA or their WYHA team) or needs to return borrowed equipment or jerseys will not be granted a release until payments are completed and/or equipment has been returned.

Tryout & Evaluation Notes:  

1.) Tryout & Evaluation times may change.  Check back frequently.  3rd night of tryouts may not be needed or may be added during tryouts for some teams.

2.)  Official TB or non TB status will be declared after tryouts depending on talent level.
3.) It is possible that the # of teams at certain levels may be adjusted up or down based on the talent level and players #s who attend.

4.) Contact the Head Coach or Travel VP Jamie Newtown at or House VP Jon Providence at with questions.
5.) Players may ONLY attend tryouts for their age level. Do NOT attend tryouts unless your birth year is listed.  Head Coaches may NOT give permission for underage players to join their tryout.
6.) Players interested 10U Red or 12U Red should attend the Travel Tryouts for their birth year first. If there is sufficient interest after Travel Teams are picked, then Red Teams will be formed during Empire House Evals or another session added.
7.) Girls 10U/12U Supplemental: Girls should plan on playing on a Webster Travel or Empire House team and attend the appropriate Tryout or Evaluation and pay the Deposit.  There is no charge to attend the Girls Supplemental Skating Session listed below provided the Girl has attended Webster Travel Tryouts or has registered for the Webster Empire Evals.

8.) Travel Tryout deposits will be automatically transferred to Empire House Evals if a player does not make the Travel Team.  Players who do not make a Travel team still must attend House Evals but do NOT have to pay the deposit a second time if they plan on playing on an Empire team.  A list of players who have already paid the Travel Deposit will be available at Empire House Evals.  Players who make a Travel Team and elect to leave the organization should consult the WYHA Policies regarding deposit refunds.  Refunds for players cut who elect to not play Empire are processed in late April or May.
9.) Online Registration will open ONE WEEK PRIOR to the start of Tryouts or Empire Evals.  This is a West Section rule.  The rule is posted at the end of this page.  WYHA will accept Registration online (credit/debit card only) or in person at Tryouts/Evals by check or in cash.  Credit cards will NOT be accepted for those registering in person at Tryouts/Evals. Travel Tryout in person registration requires 2 checks - one for the Tryout Fee and one for the $150 Deposit.


10. Electronic Registration & Payment For Association Tryouts-One week prior to tryouts for those classification that do not lead to a National Tournament and one week prior to those classifications that do lead to a National Tournament, Associations may accept via their web sites, electronic registration and payment for their upcoming tryouts. Associations should set up a procedure to verify that the registration and payment process is complete. This is strictly for registration and payment purposes and at no time will communication regarding the team be accepted."

Tryout Dates 9U-12U & Empire Eval Dates for 8U/10U/12U

Tryout Procedures & Dates

TRYOUT DATES WILL POSTED ONCE KNOWN - REGISTRATION will open one week prior to Tryouts Dates.

Jeff Corriveau will lead all on ice tryout sessions (no coaches on the ice). Each Head Coach will provide Jeff with a tryout plan for each night and Jeff and his staff will execute it while the Head Coach evaluates from the walkway above.  No parents permitted on the walkway above the benches.  Parents may watch from the foyer or the spectator stands.

NOTE: More info will be added to the announcements below over the next few weeks.  Please check back frequently!

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