Tryout Process Information

Travel & Girls Tryout Registration Information

Online Registration opens one week before the start of tryouts.  Check the WYHA Home Page for Tryout dates and the Travel & Girls Coach Contact page for Head Coach Contact Info & Season Plans (look under the ORGANIZATION tab).
Questions about this Process?  Contact Jeanne Barreca at
Questions about Girls or Travel Tryouts?  Contact the Head Coach
OR the Travel VP Jamie Newtown at

There are TWO options for Tryout Registration:

1.) Register Online and Pay the $50 Tryout Fee (non refundable) and the $150 Team Deposit (refundable) Online
       If you pre-register online, the WYHA Tryout form are completed online and the Tryout Form does NOT have to be filled out and brought to tryouts.

2.) Fill out the WYHA Tryout Registration Form and bring cash or 2 checks (one for $50 and one for $150) to Tryouts. NOTE: We prefer 2 checks to one check or cash. Refunds will be processed last for deposits paid in cash or with 1 check.
        WYHA Tryout Registration Form (download and print the form, then fill out neatly and bring with you to Tryouts):


If your child did NOT play for Webster Youth Hockey in 2019-20, the following MUST be handed in at the Registration Desk before your child will be allowed to skate at Tryouts:

    A.) A copy of the ORIGINAL release (this may also be forwarded to the Registrar at before tryouts begin if your organization emails releases).

    B.) A copy of your child's 2019-20 (or 2020-21) USA Hockey Registration.


Note 1: Online Pre-Registration will be closed at approximately 2 PM each day of tryouts in order for Webster Youth Hockey members to process the online registration data before tryouts that evening. 

To Register ONLINE, click on the PROGRAMS tab, select "Travel & Girls Tryouts", read the info on the page, then click on the REGISTER button on the right hand side of the page and follow the prompts to complete the Tryout Registration. 

NOTE 2: A WYHA account must be established to register online! 

          To Create a WYHA Account (Note - all 2018-19 or 2019-20 WYHA families should already have an account)

                 a.) Click on the Sign Up Icon in the upper left hand corner
                 b.) Enter your email and a password (we recommend you write them down in a secure location) and CLICK on the SIGN UP button

                 c.) Follow the instructions to verify your email.
                 d.) Type in your name and phone after clicking on the link on the verification email.

If you do not have the necessary fees and form (or registered online) AND a Release (if was NOT a member of WYHA in 2019-20) your child will be unable to tryout!

General Rules of Tryouts

1.    Any player that owes money to WYHA or has not turned in borrowed uniforms or equipment is ineligible to tryout until paid in full/equipment returned.

2.    The tryout schedule is subject to frequent changes.  Please check the website at frequently to ensure that you do not miss a critical tryout date or time.  Coaching announcements will also be made via the website.

3.    Checks for the Tryout Fee & Team Deposit should be made out to “Webster Youth Hockey”. Please print your player's name in the memo field on any checks.  Cash is also accepted but 2 checks or online registration is PREFERRED. Credit cards are not accepted at tryouts. The Tryout Fee is non-refundable.  The Team Deposit check is only cashed in the event your child is accepted onto a team.  If you paid the Team Deposit in cash or online, a refund check will be sent to the address on your Tryout Registration after ALL tryouts and Empire House Evaluations are completed and a request for refund is sent to  Please note returns of deposits will NOT be processed until mid-May.

4.    The Team Deposit check must be separate from the Tryout Fee.  Do not combine into one check.  We require separate checks.  The Team Deposit is non-refundable once you have been placed on a team.

5.    Plan ahead.  If you need a release from your current organization, we highly recommend requesting it early to give your current association time to process your request (NYSAHA allows organizations 10 days to process all Release requests). If you did not register online, download and complete the WYHA Tryout Registration form before arriving at tryouts so you don’t have to complete the forms and hold up the registration line.

6.    The NYSAHA - WYHA Commitment Form is not collected before tryouts.  If your player is selected for a team, the player section must be completed and turned in to the Head Coach or Manager immediately.  Your player can not participate in team activities or be rostered on the team until this form is turned in.  Deposits will not be credited to accounts until the Committment Form is turned into the Registrar.
7.    Players must attend the tryouts for their age level ONLY.  Move-up requests must be made to the Travel Director and only he (not the Head Coach) can approve move-up requests.  Players must participate in the first nightof tryouts for their age group and may not participate in any move-up tryout until the second night of tryouts for that age group.  Per USA Hockey regulations, players must play in their age level.  The only move-ups allowed are within an age level (i.e. 13U to 14U).  Peewees (12U) may not play at the Bantam (13U/14U) level.

The Tryout Process

Understanding the process and planning ahead will make tryouts a fun, easy and exciting process. 

1.    Check the schedule to determine when and where the tryouts are held.

2.    Be at tryouts at least 1 hour early.  Sometimes there are long lines of people due to the number of teams trying out in a given night.  Ensure that your child is well nourished and well rested for tryouts.

3.    Have your paperwork filled out and ready when you get up to the table. If your paperwork is ready to go, you should only have to spend a minute or two at the table.

4.    At the registration table, your paperwork will be inspected to ensure it is complete and then your child will be given a numbered jersey.  His/her name and number will be logged onto a form used by the coaches conducting the tryouts.

5.    Once your child is placed onto the Tryout Form for their age group, then your child can go to the assigned dressing rooms and dress in full hockey gear for the tryouts.

6.    When you arrive for the 2nd or 3rd night of tryouts, your child will need to check in with the registration table prior to going to the dressing room. This allows us to ensure that his name and number is logged in on the form for that night’s tryout session. If they don’t check in, they won’t be on the form.  Also, some coaches will switch jersey colors in order to balance positions (forward and defense).

7.    Please check under the ORGANIZATION tab on the WYHA website frequently for tryout results. Unfortunately, not every child can be accepted onto a team and there is no easy way to reduce the tryout field to get to the final selections. WYHA will update the website each night to reflect any “cuts” that have been made. While this method may seem impersonal, we feel it is fairer and less painful to those players who did not make the team than to notify them at the rink.

8.    Please remember that if your child is not selected for a particular team, it is not a reflection on your child, or your family.  It is simply that the coach felt that there was another player who better fit the team’s needs. If your child is not selected on a Travel team we encourage you to tryout for an Empire Red team to continue your child’s skill development.  Empire RED teams receive the same practice ice as the Travel/Girls teams at their level. We also encourage you to enroll in our organization’s Empire House program where your child will be able to develop their skills, play competitive hockey and possibly have a future chance to be an alternate on a travel team.

9.    If your child is not selected for a travel or girls team, your paperwork will carry over to the 2nd team, Mixed team or Empire Red tryouts and no additional fees will be collected. If your child did not make a travel or girls team and wishes to evaluate for a Empire team your paperwork will carry over to the Empire Evaluations and no additional fees will be collected or registrations needed. 

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