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Updated 6/29/2020

Frequently Asked Questions on Registration and When Ice Hockey Activities can Start is below and is also on the WYHA Frequently Asked Questions page at:

Frequently Asked Questions are grouped in Sections covered the following areas. Page down for further information.
    1. Timeline & Process
    2. General
    3. Process

    4. Tryouts

    5. Team Selection

Click here to view the 5/19/2020 NYSAHA Letter from Joe Baudo, NYSAHA President


Click here to view the 6/29/2020 NYSAHA Letter from Joe Baudo, NYSAHA President regarding Ice Hockey Activities allowed beginning on July 6th. NOTE: Team On Ice practice, games (including scrimmages and internal team), tournaments and tryouts (including Empire Evaluations) continue to be prohibited in New York per order of the New York Government and NYSAHA.

Timeline & Process for Travel and Girls Parents & Coaches:

Travel, Girls & Empire Red Process:

Parents should contact coaches of teams they are interested in if they have questions so they do their homework before the time periods for their teams to be selected opens.  In most cases, coaches have posted Season Plans and Biographies.

Parents should express interest to the coach early during the time period for their desired team to avoid being locked out although it is expected that player signing will occur thru out the time period. NOTE: During the June 1-10, parents should express interest directly to the Head Coach via email.  During the June 11 thru 30 time period, there will be a FREE WYHA PLAYER INTEREST registration which is required to be considered. Coaches are free to contact any parents they know (at their organization or others) to determine interest. Coaches will invite players to join their team by asking the parent to sign a Player Agreement/Contract.  Once the parent has filled in and signed/dated the form, then the Coach and President sign the Players Agreement/Contract. The parent receives a copy as well as the organization.  All player signings must occur within the time periods in June. After June, unsigned players need to wait for tryouts to be held (if needed) or contact the Head Coach for openings.

All parents are reminded to be respectful of the coaches’ jobs and families. Calling them at work or sending multiple emails clogging their inboxes is not recommended.

Players, once signed, may not change organizations to join another team. 

5/30/2020: All players are released from their 2019-20 organization except those who have been reported to West Section as oweing money or equipment (goalie, jerseys, etc.).  Parents who have not been notified that they owe should assume they are released. Parents do not need to request a release and a paper/electronic release is not issued.  The lists of players ineligible to sign are shared with the organization Presidents.

6/1/2020 (9 AM) thru 6/10/2020 (5 PM):
National Tournament Bound Teams at 14U, 16U, 18U players can be signed to Player Contracts.  For WYHA Cyclones, the following teams can be formed. Only teams that expect to be TB can be formed during this time period.
       14U Ryan
       16U McNamara

       18U Kernan

6/11/2020 (9 AM) thru 6/30/2020 (5 PM):
All other Travel teams. At WYHA, this includes:
        9U Mazzullo
        10U Hennessy
        11U Quick
        12U Dwyer
        13U Peeso
        15U Goodman/Benway (2005 only)
        16U Bartlett (2004 & 2005 only)
        16U Genest (2004 only)
        18U Swartzenberg (2002 and 2003 only)
        Girls 17U Coffed (2003 thru 2007)
        Bantam Red Weiss
        Beginner, Pony & Empire players may begin to register for 2020-21 season.

TBD (some future date once rinks re-open):
On Ice tryouts will be sanctioned by NYSAHA to fill any remaining spots (if teams have any).  No Player signed during June may be cut to take another player.

8/15/2020: Travel/Girls & Red Team Players may opt out of their Player Agreement due to financial concerns with a full refund of any money paid (minus jersey costs etc). Players may only play House if they take this opt out.


Q:  Does this NYSAHA Letter from May 19, 2020 apply to house teams?

A: No. House teams are not in-scope for the May 19, 2020 letter. However, subsequent clarification states that house teams can begin registration on June 11th so parents can take advantage of a longer time period for payment plans.


Q:  My child played with another organization last season. Who should I contact if I have questions about joining the WYHA Cyclones in 2020-21?

A: Please contact the Head Coach. Coaches contact information & season plans can be found at:


Q: My child is interested in trying hockey this fall. Who can I contact to learn more?

A: WYHA has a Beginners Program.  This program is for players with little or no skating experience.  The program will work on skating skills as well as hockey skills (shooting, passing, etc.).  The program is designed to move the participants onto a House team the following season.  The Fall Session begins in early October and runs thru December.   The Winter sessions runs from January thru March.  Both sessions have practices on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  Go to for further information on the program.  If you have further questions, please contact Jeanne Barreca or Nikki Muroski


Q: Where can I find out more information about the 8U Mite/RWB & 6U Pony Programs?

A:  8U Mite/RWB play in the Empire League and is a specific program for players with birth years in 2012 & 2013.  Go to  for information on the Empire Program.  The Pony/6U Program is specifically for players in birth years 2014 & 2015 and is a team experience for 6U players. Go to for information the Pony/6U program. Contact Jon Providence at with questions about the Empire Teams and the Pony/6U program..


Q:  Who can I contact for questions about a specific WYHA Travel or Girls team?  

A: Please contact the Head Coach. Coaches contact information & season plans can be found at:

No Player Agreements can be agreed to until 6/1 (14U TB Ryan, 16U TB McNamara, 18U TB Kernan) or 6/11 (all other WYHA Travel & Girls Teams) per the NYSAHA letter.  NOTE: All players wishing to join the teams picked from 6/11 to 6/30 should have their parent fill out the WYHA PLAYER INTEREST FORM which opens on 6/11 at 9 am.

Q:  How should a parent express interest in playing a specific Travel team?

A: Our coaches have jobs and families so they don't want huge volumes of emails and phone calls.  PLEASE try to be reasonable on number & length of emails and times when coaches are contacted (i.e. NOT during working hours).  If we get coaches that identify specific methods of contact, we will post this info for the team on the contact page above.
FOR PLAYERS INTERESTED IN TEAMS accepting players from June 11 to June 30: Parents should fill out the FREE PLAYER INTEREST REGISTRATION once the link is posted on June 11.

Q: Why is the Player Interest process different for the June 11 thru June 30 signing period?
A:  WYHA was originally told we could not use a registration to collect Player Interest Info. This direction changed late in May, so we decided to go with the original direction for the TB team signing period June 1 thru 10, then start a more organized process for the June 11 thru June 30 when there was more teams. Also, a registration allows the Travel Director to see if there is enough interest to add teams.

Q: What is the Player Agreement or Contract?
A: The format will be known by 6/1 and the coaches will receive the approved form to send to parents of the players they select before June.  The Agreement does require a parent signature (electronic or on paper), a coach signature and the Presidents signature.  WYHA will be utilizing electronic parent signatures for the Player Contract during the 6/11 to 6/30 signing period both for parent and coach convenience.


Q:  How much does it cost?

A: There will be no fee or deposit required to express interest in a team.  Once a player contract is agreed to by both the parent and the coach, parents will be expected to register with WYHA by registering & paying the fee in full or starting a payment plan.  If the player needs a set of WYHA Travel jerseys, jerseys are an extra fee. Each team will likely also fundraise or ask for additional money to cover the costs of Tournaments or other team events. WYHA will open Travel & Girls registration in early July once the June Travel/Girls Selection period is over.  Payment plans will be available.  NOTE: WYHA can not open a registration for payment until we know the # of teams and size of teams as numbers along with ice price (& uniforms/ref fees/equipment etc). All factor into the fees for each team.


Q: What are the Travel deadlines?

A: There are two deadlines:

  • Wednesday, June 10, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. for AA Tier II Tournament Bound Teams 14u-18u.
    • 14U AA Tier II TB -- Head Coach: Brad Ryan
    • 16U AA Tier II TB – Head Coach:  Mark McNamara
    • 18U AA Tier II TB – Head Coach:  Tom Kernan
    • 14U Tier II Girls TB - Head Coach: Rob Hensel
  • Tuesday, June 30, 2020 at 5:00 p.m for all of the rest of WYHA travel & Red hockey teams including AA non-TB, AA, non TB 16U/19U Girls and Empire Red teams. For a complete list of WYHA & Girls teams, coaches & season plans visit


Q: Do players need a release?

A: No. Players who were part of Webster Youth Hockey in 2019-2020 do not need a release. On 5/30, all players are granted releases automatically (without the need to request one or the need for the piece of paper/email) provided they have satisfied their financial obligations for 2019-20 and have returned all equipment and jerseys loaned to them.  All organizations are required to report a list of unreleased players and these names will be sent to every organization President and these players will be ineligible to join another organization.  Any player/family who has financial or equipment obligations was notified by 5/24 (so if no notification, yes you are released!!)

Q: When will registration for Empire House (8U, 10U, 12U, 14U 18U), Pony/6U and the Beginner Program open?

A: West Section has clarified House registration can start on 6/11/2020 (Pony/6u & Beginners may also open on 6/11). WYHA will open registration in June so parents can stretch out payments over as many months as possible thus making payments lower for families who have financial issues. Evals will be scheduled once NYSAHA allows us to hold sanctioned events of this size.  The Empire Bantam Red team will be formed during June following the Travel Selection Process.  Red Teams play more games and practices; thus will cost more than Empire House Registration fees.


Q: When are tryouts?

A: WYHA tryout dates are unknown at this time. NYSAHA will notify us when tryouts and other sanctioned events (i.e. practices, games etc.) may be scheduled, subject to recreation activities being permitted by the State of New York and applicable local government authorities. This assumes teams have openings to fill.


Q: Are players who’ve already committed to a team required to participate in on-ice tryouts?

A: Players who have committed to a team via a Player Agreement will not be required to skate.  Players who have an executed Player Agreement can not be "cut" to add players by tryout per NYSAHA rule.

Q: When will Empire House Evaluations will held?
A:  WYHA anticipates holding Empire Evaluations after NYSAHA sanctions tryouts.  However, this plan is dependent on New York State and local governments requirements and when NYSAHA allows sanctioned events to be held.

Q: When will Empire Bantam Red Teams be selected?
A: During the June Travel Selection period. See above.

Team Selection

Q: Can a player who has already signed a Player Agreement before June 30th be removed, or cut, from a team a later date?

A: Any player whose parents sign a Player Contract can not be cut to make room for any player signed after June 30 or during a tryout after June 30.


Q: What happens if we suffer a financial hardship or have concerns about COVID-19 and elect not to play for a team we’ve already committed to?

A: If a player/family who has signed a Player Agreement for the 2020-2021 season needs to withdraw due to financial hardship or COVID-19 concerns, they will be permitted to do so by August 15, 2020 whether or not a deposit or registration fees have been paid. They will receive a full refund of any monies paid to date, with the exception of the cost of jerseys or equipment purchased for a specific player. Players who are Released under these conditions will not be permitted to play for any other National or State Tournament Bound team or other travel team, and will only be allowed to play in house league hockey for the 2020-2021 season.


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