WYHA Policies Agreed to at Registration

Code of Conduct for Participating in WYHA Agreement
1. No swearing or abusive language on the bench, in the rink, or at any team function.

2. No lashing out at any official no matter what the call is. The coaching staff will handle all matters pertaining to officiating.

3. Anyone who receives a penalty will skate directly to the penalty box.

4. Fighting will not be tolerated. Fighting will result in a minimum of a one game suspension and any other penalties mandated by WNYAHL, GLGHL or EAHC and/or an appearance before a Discipline Committee.
5. There will be no drinking, smoking, chewing of tobacco or use of illegal substance at any team function.

6. Players and parents will conduct themselves in a befitting manner at all facilities (ice rink, off ice training, hotel, restaurant, etc) during all team functions.

7. Any player, spectator or team official who cannot abide by these rules or violates them will be subject to further disciplinary action by Team Staff, League or the WYHA Board.

Rules of Conduct Agreement
Webster Youth Hockey provides youth from the surrounding county areas the privilege to learn and compete in amateur hockey. With this privilege comes responsibilities. Those players, parents and coaches who accept these responsibilities are encouraged to participate with Webster Youth Hockey. Webster Youth Hockey abides by and supports the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance program.

The WYHA Board of Directors is the final authority for all matters of conduct and discipline regarding players, parents and coaches. The WYHA Disciplinary Committee process does not override a player’s right to appeal any suspension or dismissal through NYSAHA or USA Hockey. The Vice-President of Operations and his/her associates are responsible for adherence to the Rules of Conduct for all. The Head Coach is responsible for adherence to the Rules of Conduct for all players, parents and coaches associated with his/her team. The Head Coach may designate an assistant coach or manager to assist him/her in this regard. Any player suspended or dismissed forfeits all registration monies for the current season.

Regulations & Policies are effective from the first day of evaluations/tryouts to the last day of the season.

Substance Abuse
(a) Players: Any player found using alcohol, tobacco products or illegal drugs will be suspended from all Webster Youth Hockey events until a disciplinary review is conducted, and may be subject to reprimand, suspension or dismissal.
(b) All Others: Any parent, coach, manager or league official found to be under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs at a WYHA function shall be subject to discipline by WYHA for the remainder of the season. A second offense will result in permanent dismissal.
(c) There will be no alcohol/drug consumption or use on the property or surrounding areas of any rink or off ice facility by any player, coach, manager or parent.

Any player, parent or coach refusing a directive or instruction from a coach or  official of Webster Youth Hockey, or any coach refusing a directive or instruction from an official of Webster Youth Hockey may be subject to reprimand,

suspension or dismissal.

Offensive Gestures or Language:
Any player, parent or coach using vulgar, obscene or offensive gestures or language may be subject to reprimand, suspension or dismissal.

Unexcused Absence or Tardiness:
(a) Travel teams: Prior permission from the head coach must be obtained before missing a game or practice. Permission will be granted for illness or injury, family vacations, school obligations and other reasons, as the head coach deems acceptable. Violations of this rule may result in reprimand or suspension. Tardiness to practices or games may result in reprimand or suspension.

(b) All others: The head coach should be advised prior to any absence from a team function. Tardiness or unreported absence from practices or games may result in reduced number of regular shifts (benching) during games.

General Misconduct:

Misconduct on the ice, on the bench, in the locker room, at any off ice training, or in any rink, home or away, will not be tolerated. Players are responsible for the appearance of their locker room and will leave it in as good, or better condition, than they found it. Damage to any property will not be tolerated. Violations to this rule may result in reprimand, suspension or dismissal. Anyone found damaging property will be held responsible for its repair or replacement.
WYHA expects all members to adhere to all USA Hockey Policies including, but not limited to, policies prohibiting Bullying and Hazing, and policies on Locker Rooms and Discrimination. Failure to do so may subject the offender to reprimand, suspension or dismissal by the Head Coach or WYHA. Head Coaches may add team policies provided they are given to all in writing, do not conflict with any WYHA or USA Hockey Policy and are applied to all team members fairly.

Reprimand: Initial confrontation that serves as a warning. Any further infractions of the Rules of Conduct may result in more severe punishment.
Suspension: Loss of privilege to participate. Suspension may range from reduced number of regular shifts during a game to banishment from team functions for a period to be determined by the Board of Directors.
WYHA enforces the USA Hockey Zero Tolerance policy at all team events and at all rinks. Any parent or player who has a concern about the organization is encouraged to contact their appropriate Director or Vice President.
Please submit all complaints in writing, sign and mail to:
WYHA Disciplinary/Problem Resolution Committee  PO Box 118   Webster, NY 14580

Webster Youth Hockey Association Liability Waiver Agreement
I, the parent or guardian of the named registrant, hereby give my approval to his/her participation in any and all activities of this program during the season. I understand that participation in the sport of ice hockey will expose the registrant to various risks incidental to the sport. I agree to assume these risks and I agree that in the event of injury, I will waive any and all claims against Webster Youth Hockey Association, and its organizers, sponsors, and/or officials of said Association.
I will furnish an official copy of a Birth Certificate or equivalent, for the above-named registrant at the time appointed by the Associations officials. Additionally, if the Association deems any medical reports, certifications, or releases necessary, I will provide such documentation to the Association at the time appointed by the Association officials. I recognize that Webster Youth Hockey Association relies upon the accuracy of the information provided in the registration forms for a variety of reasons integral to the operation of the Association. I represent that all information provided herein is true and I agree to hold Webster Youth Hockey Association harmless from any liability which may result from any information provided that is untrue or inaccurate.
I agree to pay any fees or charges incurred by the Association as a result of this registration. If payment is made by check, I agree to pay a $50.00 fee to Webster Youth Hockey Association if the check is returned unpaid for any reason. I understand that if payments for my child's fees are not up to date that he/she may be asked to leave the ice or not allowed to participate in games until payments are up to date without credit for ice time or training missed.
I further recognize that Webster Youth Hockey Association is an amateur sports organization that is not-for-profit and run by volunteers. It is the goal and purpose of the Webster Youth Hockey Association to develop each individual participant not only in the game of hockey, but to develop character, sportsmanship, and provide fair opportunity to all those involved. I agree to comply with the stated purpose and to abide by all rules and policies developed by Webster Youth Hockey Association.

The Webster Youth Hockey Association fully endorses USA Hockey's ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding parents and spectators. On-ice officials will stop the game when the parents/spectators displaying inappropriate and disruptive behavior interfere with other spectators or participants of the game. The on-ice officials will identify violators to the coaches for the purpose of removing parents/spectators from the viewing and/or game area. Once removed, play will resume. Lost time will not be replaced and violators may be subject to further disciplinary action by WYHA or the local governing body.

This inappropriate and disruptive behavior may include, but not be limited to:
 - Using obscene or vulgar language in a boisterous manner to anyone at any time
 - Taunting players, coaches, officials or other spectators by means of baiting, ridiculing, threatening physical violence or displaying physical violence.
 - Throwing any object in the spectators viewing area, players bench, penalty box or the on-ice surface that in any manner creates a safety hazard

Any violators will be escorted from the facility and not be allowed to return until the next day. Please ENJOY THE GAME and support all players, coaches and officials.

 - Applaud good plays; don't dwell on bad plays
 - Children imitate their parents. Chances are if you act like a jerk, your children probably will too.
 - The stands are not a place to shout personal instructions.
 - There is more to life than hockey. Encourage your child to participate in other activities.
 - Respect the coaches decisions and abilities. Don't force your child to have to decide whether to listen to you or the coach.
 - Stress fair and sensible play. Nobody needs to get hurt because someone is not playing by the rules.

 - Stress the long-term importance of practice over the short-term excitement of the game.
 - Keep things in perspective. The odds of your child making the NHL are pretty slim.
 - Stress the importance of the team.

 - Never lose sight of the fact that you are the role model.

 - Winning probably means more to you than it does to your child.

 - Don't yell if your child makes a mistake. Point out what they do well. Positive reinforcement goes a long way.
 - Take time to learn the rules of the game. This may cut down on your desire to criticize a call made or not made by the referee. Remember that coaches and league administrators are volunteers. A thank you every once in a while is often rewarding enough.

I have read and agree to abide by the Zero Tolerance rules and the Parents Code of Conduct endorsed WYHA. I fully understand that the consequences of violating these guidelines may include removal from the game and future disciplinary action as determined by the Webster Youth Hockey Association Board.