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practice 6:00 PM Webster 1 E8U Muroski E8U Gervaise
practice 7:00 PM Webster 1 E8U Muroski E8U Van Hook
practice 10:30 AM Webster 1
other 10:30 AM Pony Jamboree-Webster Host Webster Ice Arena
practice 11:30 AM Webster 1
practice 12:30 PM Webster 1
practice 1:30 PM Webster 1

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Jeanne Barreca

5 months ago

Happy Labor Day Pony Parents!

Your Head Coach is Rick Allen

The first practice is Tuesday, September 11 at 5 PM at Webster Ice Arena.

Anybody who would like volunteer as a On Ice Helper, Assistant Coach or Manager should contact Rick Allen. Registration and Training requirements for these positions can be found at:

The PONY website can be found under the TEAMS tab at This website has our schedule for the next month. There will be more weekend practices and the Jamborees added for November thru March once the Jamboree dates are known.


Rick Allen
Head Coach

Andrew MacKenzie
Assistant Coach

Kiley Scott
Assistant Coach

Paul Matejcik
On Ice Helper

Jason Lengyel
Assistant Coach

Josh Miller
On Ice Helper

Rich Feola
On Ice Helper