2018-19 NEWS

Further Info about Registration!

NOTE: Please register under the correct Program (Beginner, Pony, Empire House, Travel & Girls). If your children will play in different Programs for 2018-19, you must complete the first child's registration, then go to the PROGRAM page for the other child's Program and utilize the registration link there.  Failure to do so will result in an incorrect fee and hassles to get fees and other information corrected.

FAMILY DISCOUNT NOTICE: The Family Discount is ONLY available for the 2nd/3rd/etc child registered in a family.  If the Family Discount is claimed for the 1st child, then your family will be billed for $50 for the 1st child registered.

If you have issues or questions about Registration, please email Jeanne Barreca, WYHA Registrar at registrar@wyha.com or call 585-586-1773  
When Registration links are open, there will be a ORANGE button labelled REGISTER on the applicable Program page.  If a program closes, this link will be turned off.

Parents with questions about the Empire House or Pony Programs should email David Weiss, House VP, at house@wyha.com
Parents with questions about the Beginner Program should email Nikki Muroski at operations@wyha.com