WYHA 2018-19 News

1A.) 2019-20 Head Coach Application:  Apply by 2/10 for Travel & Girls and by 3/1 for Empire House/Pony.  Interviews to begin in February (Travel/Girls) and March (Empire House/Pony). Go to https://www.wyha.com/program/head-coach-application/115

1B.) How Do I to Obtain a Release?  After 2/26/2019, go to https://www.wyha.com/program/wyha-release-request/89 or look for the WYHA Releases registration undder the PROGRAMS tab.  

2.) Beginner Registration is OPEN all season!
REGISTRATION is OPEN for the Winter Beginners Session which runs January thru March! We welcome new players all season long and reduce the price weekly to encourage new skaters to sign up after the Winter Session begins!   Go to https://www.wyha.com/events/player-registration-instructions-and-information/298 to find out how to register.

3.) Team and Player Achievements: Check out the achievements of our teams posted at https://www.wyha.com/events/wyha-team-success/370

4.) TEAM & ORGANIZATION Contact Pages: There is a list of contacts (with email contact info) for every Travel, Girls & Empire House team at WYHA plus a page detailing all Board member contacts under the ORGANIZATION tab above.

5.) WYHA Official Apparel Vendor:   Official's Wearhouse is our official apparel vendor.  Information about what is available and how to order can be found under the ORGANIZATION tab above.
Warning:   All Parents & Team Managers are advised that the Pro Shop at the Webster Rink is NOT affiliated with Official's Wearhouse nor can it answer questions on WYHA apparel or teamwear!

6.) Website How Do I?     For Parents - how do I use the website?   MyCalendar, Payment Plan, ICal info
       Go to:  https://www.wyha.com/events/website-how-do-i/316

QUESTIONS?   Contact Jeanne Barreca, WYHA Registrar, at registrar@wyha.com or 585-586-1773