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WYHA Update to Coaches & Managers 12-02-2020

WYHA Coaches and Managers,

With the increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in our area and the number of questions being asked about this we would like to reiterate some points of our COVID-19 policy. The full policy is located here (see below) and we ask you to become familiar with this so you know the protocol and can answer your team’s questions if any come up. 

Please relay/forward this information to the parents on your team.

  • If a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19, we encourage the family to contact their Team Coach & Manager and the WYHA president to report the confirmed case.
  • Information shared will remain confidential.
  • When there is a COVID-19 confirmed case, the County Health Department will take the lead on quarantine and clearance for the person(s) affected to return to WYHA functions.
  • If an individual receives a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, the individual must be medically released from isolation before returning to any WYHA function
  • The Webster Cyclones board and/or Team Staff will notify players and families if a positive COVID-19 case occurs on their team. 
  • If a player or coach on a team tests positive, all players and team staff (Coaches, Managers and other volunteers) on the team are expected to follow the directives and recommendations of the County Health Department.
  • If a player or coach on a team tests positive this does not necessarily mean that their ice slots will be cancelled. We will work with each team if/when this happens and based on the situation an appropriate decision will be made.
  • If a team is required to quarantine all ice slots for that team will be canceled during the quarantine period and rescheduled for a later date to the extent possible.
  • All team’s participating in any WYHA function are required to follow the guidelines for the given rink they are using. As coaches/managers we are counting on you to ensure these policies are followed.
  • If you are sick, don't feel well, or have been exposed, do not come to the rink. Coaches should ask the team they are sharing with to run their practice if coaches are not available.
  • Players are to dress at home
  • Players are limited to 2 spectators.
  • Locker Room Monitors are responsible for monitoring locker rooms and limiting capacity (should locker rooms be allowed) and also are supposed to help coaches and managers monitor mask wearing and players before and after practices
  • All teams must have locker room monitors
  • Posting COVID positive cases on social media about other people is a violation of medical privacy laws. WYHA expects all parents to monitor the social media activity of their children.

Thank you for all you do for Webster Youth Hockey and your team’s families. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

David Weiss

WYHA President

Webster Cyclones COVID-19 Plan & FAQ 2020-21 Season

Health and Safety Guidelines

WYHA is following all guidelines in place by NYSAHA, USA Hockey, and the Monroe County DOH. For more information on these policies please refer to the websites for each of these entities.

In addition, WYHA are expected to the follow the guidelines for each rink that they are attending this season. The policies for the "home" rinks we use are listed below. For away ice times please refer to that rink's website for their most up to date Covid policies.

Webster Ice Arena Safety Guidelines are posted on the Webster Ice Arena website at:

Bill Grays IcePlex (BGIP)

Genesee Valley Rink rules can be found at the link below:

2020-21 Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if COVID-19 impacts our season? Will season fees be refunded or credited?

A: Should the season be shortened due to Covid-19 we will provide refunds for program fees related to ice and referee fees which were not used.

Please note: Team events and activities missed by an individual player due to COVID-19 related infection or other illnesses, such as missed practices or games due to illness, quarantine, etc., will not be refunded. The Webster Cyclones have a policy for hockey related injury refunds which it has had for many years. Details on USA Hockey Insurance injury claims should be directed to the WYHA Registrar.

Q: What happens if someone on the team tests positive for COVID-19?

A: If a player tests positive for COVID-19, we encourage the family to contact both their Team Coach/Manager and a member of the WYHA Board to report the confirmed case. The Webster Cyclones Board will keep the name of the player who tested positive confidential. When there is a COVID-19 confirmed case, the County Health Department will take the lead on quarantine and return to activities rules for the person(s) affected and will lead any contact tracing and exposure quarantines required. The WYHA Board and Team Staff will cooperate with the County Health Department for quarantine and contact tracing requirements. All players will be required to avoid posting COVID positive cases to protect their team mates medical privacy.

Q: Will teams lose their ice time if they are required to quarantine?  

A: If a team is required to quarantine to a positive COVID-19 player or team staff member, all ice slots for that team will be canceled during the quarantine period and rescheduled for a later date to the extent possible. This process will be managed by the WYHA ice scheduler in cooperation with our rinks.

If the team is required to quarantine due to travel to a state where quarantine is required upon return to New York, their ice will be repurposed to other teams and will NOT be rescheduled at a later date. WYHA does not encourage out of state travel to states where infection rates are deemed unsafe by New York State officials as hockey is not an essential function.


Q: Can teams travel outside of the area?

A: Any team wishing to do this must follow all guidelines in place by NY Forward, the Monroe County DOH, and the area to which they are traveling.


Q: How do I report concerns over health and safety practices while at a team practice, game, or other event?

A: If you are concerned over team compliance of safety practices, contact your head coach or team manager first. If your head coach or team manager does not properly address your concern, or if you prefer not to raise the issue with the team staff, please contact your Divisions VP for Travel, House, or Girls. Contact info for all WYHA Board members and Officers can be found on the WYHA Board and Officers section of our website.

General Hockey FAQ

Q: My child was a Beginner last season and I don't know if they are ready for a Pony/6U or Empire House team?

A: Players in the Beginner Program should plan on moving to an Empire House next season. Please contact the House VP at or beginner coordinator ( if you are not sure if your child is ready to move to a team based program at their age level.

Q: We are not sure if we will be able to afford to play hockey this season. Will WYHA offer any programs to help?

A: WYHA recognizes some families have had financial setbacks due to furloughs or layoffs. WYHA will extend payment plans thru 12/30 to make it easier on families to pay. WYHA has always worked with families with temporary financial issues provided they are willing to sign up for an online payment plan with a debit/credit card. Once we open registration, contact the Registrar at as early as possible to work out a plan. WYHA also offers scholarships for those in need. Please contact our registrar for information on how to apply for one of these.

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