General FAQs


Q: What is your COVID-19 policy?

A: See our COVID-19 policies and health & safety guidelines here.

Q: What if COVID-19 impacts our season? Will season fees be refunded or credited?

A: Should the season be shortened due to Covid-19 we will provide refunds for program fees related to ice which were not used.

Please note: Team events and activities missed by an individual player due to COVID-19 related infection or other illnesses, such as missed practices or games due to illness, quarantine, etc., will not be refunded. The Webster Cyclones have a policy for hockey related injury refunds which it has had for many years. Details on USA Hockey Insurance injury claims should be directed to the WYHA Registrar.

Q: What happens if someone on the team tests positive for COVID-19?

A: If a player tests positive for COVID-19, we encourage the family to contact both their Team Coach/Manager and a member of the WYHA Board to report the confirmed case. The Webster Cyclones Board will keep the name of the player who tested positive confidential. When there is a COVID-19 confirmed case, the County Health Department will take the lead on quarantine and return to activities rules for the person(s) affected and will lead any contact tracing and exposure quarantines required. The WYHA Board and Team Staff will cooperate with the County Health Department for quarantine and contact tracing requirements. All players will be required to avoid posting COVID positive cases to protect their team mates medical privacy.

Q: Will teams lose their ice time if they are required to quarantine?

A: If a team is required to quarantine to a positive COVID-19 player or team staff member, all ice slots for that team will be canceled during the quarantine period and rescheduled for a later date to the extent possible. This process will be managed by the WYHA ice scheduler in cooperation with our rinks.

If the team is required to quarantine due to travel to a state where quarantine is required upon return to New York, their ice will be repurposed to other teams and will NOT be rescheduled at a later date. WYHA does not encourage out of state travel to states where infection rates are deemed unsafe by New York State officials as hockey is not an essential function.

Q: Can teams travel outside of the area?

A: Any team wishing to do this must follow all guidelines in place by NY Forward, the Monroe County DOH, and the area to which they are traveling.

Q: How do I report concerns over health and safety practices while at a team practice, game, or other event?

A: If you are concerned over team compliance of safety practices, contact your head coach or team manager first. If your head coach or team manager does not properly address your concern, or if you prefer not to raise the issue with the team staff, please contact your Divisions VP for Travel, House, or Girls. Contact info for all WYHA Board members and Officers can be found on the WYHA Board and Officers section of our website.

Q: What precautions are taken in locker rooms?

A: Locker Room Monitors (LRMs) help Coaches and Managers ensure all players maintain appropriate social distancing and wearing of masks off ice, before/after practices and games, while locker rooms are not available. LRMs also keep their team in one area of the foyer or rink and do not allow teams to mix while putting on skates. LRMs (with Coaches and Managers) also require players come dressed to the rink. When locker rooms are allowed to be used, the LRM will monitor the number of personnel in the locker room and keep player/staff counts under the capacity limits.

Website Use

Q: I can't log in. How do I create a website account?

A: Families must establish a new account if they were not members of WYHA in previous years. If your player was a member of WYHA in previous years (or paid the $150 online for tryouts/evaluations), your family will already have an account and you can skip this step.

Note: All Coaches, Managers and team staff need an account in their own name to be placed on the Team website. This is usually the same account they use to register their children with.

  1. Click on the Sign Up icon in the upper left hand corner.
  2. Enter your (the parent's) email and a password (save them in a secure location) and click on the Sign Up button.
  3. Follow the instructions to verify your email.
  4. Type in the parent's name (not the player's name) and phone number after clicking on the link on the verification email. All accounts should be in the parent's name!

Q: How do I return to the homepage?

A: Click on the Webster Cyclones logo at the top of the page.

Q: What are the tabs at the top of the WYHA website?

  • Organization: Information about WYHA
  • Programs: Program descriptions with registration links
  • Schedule: View of the organization ice schedule for all teams
  • Teams: All team page links
  • Resources: Helpful info for parents, managers and coaches
  • Events: Information about Webster Youth Hockey events, team events, as well as events such as Try Hockey for Free & the Boulter House/Girls Tournament

Q: What are the links in the top left hand corner?

A: Log In, Dashboard, Family Calendar and iCAL: These links allow parents to update their email, add another parent's email to their account, fix basic information about their child and see their family calendar.

LOG IN (OR SIGN UP): Use Log in to log into the WYHA website. Use Sign Up to create an account. All parents who wish to receive team emails must sign up for an account. In future years, you can re-use your account to register your player and access other features.

DASHBOARD: This link is available once signed into your WYHA/Crossbar account.

Players: This tab lists all players and team staff registered by this email account. Click on the “View Details” to see the details for each player. The View Details display has three items parents may find useful:

  • Edit Player: This allows the parent to fix spelling errors of the player’s name and update their birth date if was entered incorrectly. NOTE these changes ONLY affect the player on the WYHA website. If the player’s info is incorrect on USA Hockey, then please contact the WYHA Registrar to have your player’s info updated.
  • Add Parent: This feature allows the registering parent to add another parent’s email address to the player’s record. Note the parent being added will have to verify their email address when they get the email and setup an account (if they have not already set one up).
  • Add Membership: This feature allows a parent to add an updated USA hockey membership to their player’s record.

Profile: This tab allows the parents to update their account by updating their name (fix typos, etc.), phone number, email address and password.

  • NOTE #1: If updating an email, the parent MUST follow the instructions in the verification email to verify the new email. The parent will NOT receive any emails until it is verified.
  • NOTE #2:
  • If a Team Staff member (coach, manager, etc.) notices his/her name is incorrect on the Team Website, this is where the name is fixed/updated!

FAMILY CALENDAR: This link is available once logged onto the WYHA website. Every player’s schedule (and parent if registered as a Team Staff member) associated with this email address will be shown on the Family Calendar display. Players must be registered and assigned to a team for their schedule to show up on this display. Also, if you are not the registering parent, you must have either the registering parent OR email the Registrar at to have your email and its associated account attached to your child.

iCAL, APPLE CALENDAR, GOOGLE CALENDAR AND MICROSOFT OUTLOOK INTEGRATION: Select the CALENDAR FEED button on the FAMILY CALENDAR display and follow the instructions. If this does not work, please send the name of your mobile phone (K8V, iPhone 8, etc.) and operating system (Android, Apple) to the registrar/webmaster at and he or she can have Crossbar investigate.

NOTE: the CALENDAR FEED button also now has links to help sync with Apple Calendar, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Click on the CALENDAR FEED button to find these.

Q: My name on the team staff OR name on the website/WYHA account is Wrong. How do I fix this?

  1. Log on to the WYHA website using your email address and password.
  2. Click on the DASHBOARD link in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Click on the PROFILE link on the left hand side.
  4. Change the First or Last Name field and click on SAVE. Your name will auto-update on the Team Website, Team Staff registration and on your Player's Registration (if applicable).

Q: How do I change my email address, phone number or password?

  1. Log on to the WYHA website using your email address and password.
  2. Click on the DASHBOARD link in the upper left hand corner.
  3. Click on the PROFILE link on the left hand side.
  4. Scroll down to the field(s) needing update, update the info and click on SAVE. NOTE: any new email address will require that you verify the email address, so watch for the verification email and follow the instructions, otherwise your account may get stuck in limbo and require help from Crossbar to fix it!

Q: When I sign up, it states that this email already has an account. What do I do?

A: Follow the forgot password instructions. If no email to reset the password is received (check your JUNK or SPAM folders first!), email the registrar to have Crossbar manually verify or reset your account.

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