Injury Reporting

When in doubt, do not let a player play until cleared by a parent or medical professional. WYHA strongly advises all teams to have a USA Hockey Consent to Treat Medical Form in the Manager's possession for all practices, off-ice and games. All TB teams must have the USA Hockey approved form in their Manager's book and submit in the credential's book.

WYHA strongly recommends that an Incident Report Form be completed for all injuries, as Managers will not know if the player will need medical treatment later on. Players and coaches who incur injuries can file with USA Hockey's insurance carrier. As a general rule, USA Hockey's coverage is secondary coverage and their carrier will coordinate with the parents medical insurance carrier to provide coverage.

Once this form is filed, all discussions are between the the parents (or coaches) medical insurance company, USA Hockey's carrier and the medical personnel involved. For medical privacy reasons, WYHA is not involved in this process.

Download and print the form, fill it out, then submit to and your Division VP (,, or and

The USA Hockey Consent to Treat Medical Form can be obtained from the Registrar at

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