Team Treasurer Guidelines

WYHA Team Treasurer Guidelines

1. Set up an bank account
       a.  Search for banks without fees

       b.  Bank accounts may NOT use the WYHA Tax Id and may NOT use WYHA or Webster Youth Hockey in the name

2. Keep track of all expenses related to your team – a spreadsheet template is available - see below.
3. Sponsor funds can be handled several different ways (announced via email at the first team meeting)
       a.  Allocate 100% to team and team related events/purchases
       b.  Allocate 100% by player i.e. player getting sponsor gets 100% of fund allocated to his/her account. Any overage stays with team
       c.   Allocate a percentage by player and rest to team fund
       d.  Sponsor funds CAN NOT be refunded to individuals
4.  Team funds
       a.  Create budget for year including any extra ice time needed
       b.  Divide by number of players
       c.   Get checks from families & deposit in account
       d.   Unused funds given BY families can be returned to families.
5.  Monthly accounting of funds disbursed should be emailed to all families
6.  A year end statement showing all funds and disbursements should be sent to all families and the WYHA Treasurer so he/she has a record in case any complaints are filed at a later date.

NOTE: Document everything via handouts or emails.  Keep them in case there are disputes or questions.

EXCEL Team Finances Template:

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