WYHA Board Application

The application is used to apply for an Officer, Board member or new Committee Position.


Adults Only. WYHA accepts applications for Committee members throughout the year and anyone with time and talent are encouraged to apply or talk to the Officer the role would report to. Most of our Officers served for a year or two as Committee Members. Board members are generally former or current officers/committee people or those people who can bring extensive experience in both hockey or other roles (example Legal Counsel) to WYHA. See the positions listed under the ORGANIZATION tab above or suggest your own role!


Most applications are made in August or September or October for terms beginning in mid November. However, Committee openings may occur at any time and occasionally Officer or Board position vacancies occur.


Webster Youth Hockey


Attendance at monthly meetings is required. All positions are expected to help out at Events and utilize their skills to help out the organization.





Additional Costs

None. All Board and Officer positions are unpaid. No Board or Officer can accept compensation from WYHA in any capacity. It is a conflict of interest for Board or Officers who approve and submit items for the budget to be compensated out of budgeted funds. Webster Youth Hockey is run by volunteers.


Please fill out the application for a Board or  Officer position.  Interviews will occur shortly after applying depending on whether the position is vacant or when the term ends.

NOTE: ALL positions require registration with USA Hockey as a Volunteer, registration with WYHA, SafeSport and Screening. If the person is serving as a Team Manager, LRM or Coach, these requirements will have been met.

Positions currently OPEN are: VP Operations (filling an unexpired term).

Questions?  Contact Jeanne Barreca at registrar@wyha.com

WYHA accepts applications for other roles throughout the year and anyone with time and talent are encouraged to apply.
  a.) WYHA is currently looking for an  Equipment Manager.  Contact Jeanne Barreca, registrar@wyha.com if interested.
   b.) WYHA is looking for a Communications  Manager.  Contact Jeanne Barreca at registrar@wyha.com if interested.

Every person who fills out this application MUST have their own website account under their own name and email  in order for WYHA to have accurate contact info for the interviewing process.

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