2020-21 Coaches Information

Coaching Resources & Information for 2020-21 Season

Drills & Hints Suggested by NYSAHA that Maintain Social Distancing On Ice:


Drills & Hints Suggested by USA Hockey that Maintain Social Distancing On Ice:


12U Drills for Advanced Players:

USAH CEP Changes Letter:


Guidance from NYSAHA on Permissable activities in their Letter dated 8-19-2020

For ice hockey, NYSAHA interprets these limitations and examples to permit non-competitive practices and tryouts (but no games or scrimmage, etc.; see above) because they are akin to camps and clinics, and can be organized to conform to the Mandatory Physical Distance and no/low-contact group training requirements, by using drills and station-based practices that permit social distancing of players, including shooting drills, passing drills, skating drills, stickhandling drills, no/low contact one-on-one, two-on-one, two-on-two, etc. drills (for examples of permitted drills, please see “Early Return On-Ice Activity Samples” at www.usahockey.com/playersafety). 

The Guidance further outlines Mandatory Physical Distance as follows: “Ensure 6 ft. distance between individuals at all times, whether indoors or outdoors, unless safety or core activity (e.g. practicing, playing) requires a shorter distance.  If a shorter distance is required, individuals must wear face coverings, unless players are unable to tolerate such a covering for the physical activity (practicing, playing); provided, however, that coaches, trainers, and/or other individuals who are not directly engaged in activity are required to wear face coverings.”

Link to Full Letter Issued by NYSAHA on 8-19-2020:


Link to the New York Summary Guidance for Sports and Recreation Issued by the NY Department of Health:

NYSAHA & Webster/Other Rink Rules

From the NYSAHA Letter issued on 8-19-2020:

Any hockey activity must comply with all governing regulations.  This includes:

·         The Mandatory requirements under the Guidance must be followed;

·         All participants must wear masks while entering, existing and inside all buildings;

·         Coaches must wear masks during practice;

·         Locker rooms may only be used if social distancing can be maintained and all persons inside the locker room must wear masks, and some private and municipal rinks may not permit any locker room use;

·         It is strongly recommended that players arrive pre-dressed in their equipment (except for skates, helmets and gloves);

·         Practices should only be for members of the same team to limit exposure to other players; there shall be no more than 2 spectators per player, all of whom must wear masks, and some private and municipal rinks may not permit any spectators;

·         Each player must have his/her own marked water bottle, and there shall be no sharing of water bottles; and

·         No sharing of any equipment.



All hockey activities must also satisfy all the usual NYSAHA/USA Hockey requirements for the conduct of ice hockey (such as screening, coaching requirements, etc.).

Arenas hosting hockey activities sanctioned by NYSAHA must comply with all applicable requirements of the Guidance, the DOH interim guidance and other governmental requirements.

Associations, Affiliate Organizations and related programs and individuals that engage in non-sanctioned events, or violate the legal directives of the State of New York and local authorities, may also be placing their USA Hockey insurance coverage at risk.  Associations, Affiliate Organizations, programs, teams, administrators and coaches that permit non-sanctioned activities are placing themselves at risk of substantial liability and exposure.


Per NYSAHA on 8-19-2020:
     1. Games or Scrimmages of any kind are NOT yet permitted.
     2. Tournaments (Sanctioned or Non-Sanctioned) are not yet allowed in New York State.

     3. Travel by New York State sanctioned teams to other states for the purpose of playing games or in Tournaments is not allowed.

The Webster Ice Arena Covid 19 Guideline/Plan Returning to The Rink 2020


1. Skaters are asked to come home-dressed with most equipment installed on at home. Locker rooms will not be opened or available but benches and chairs will be for putting on skates.


2. Skaters are asked to arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before scheduled ice time. Skaters will also be asked to exit the building no more than 15 minutes after their ice time has ended.


3. Skaters under 17 years of age can have 1 spectator with them.


4. Social distancing, whenever possible, both on and off the ice and will be enforced.


5. Everyone entering the building will have to wear a mask. People will not be allowed into the building without a mask. Mask will need to be worn while in the building. People will be asked to leave the building if masks are not properly worn while in the building. Skaters will not have to wear masks on the ice but will need to distance whenever possible. Coaches will have to wear a mask on the ice.


6. Drinking fountains will be turned off and not available for use. Each skater will have to bring their own hydration. Sharing of water bottles/hydration is not permitted. Drinks will be available in machines and the snack bar will be opened on a limited basis.


7. The Pro Shop will be open but we will limit the amount of people allowed in. We ask that social distancing be maintained while in the pro shop.


8. On ice benches will be marked in 6 feet increments for social distancing.


9. Doors will be clearly marked as an entrance and exit only.


10. All employees will be screened for health and safety. Touch-less thermometers will be used to take temperatures will be taken on a daily basis.


11. The Webster Ice Arena will have a strict sanitizing plan in place. Everything will be sanitized on a regularly scheduled plan. In some cases, sanitization will be immediate. Sanitizing stations will be available throughout the building.


12. Skaters and spectators are asked to stay at home if they are feeling ill in any way.

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