Concussion and Safety Information

Overall Health & Safety:

 USA Hockey has links to information on Safety Education (Body Checking, Concussion Info, Injury Prevention & Injury Management Guide), Heads Up Hockey, Safesport (Making a Report and mandated programs for SafeSport Training and Background Screening) and Nutrition

USA Hockey Injury Prevention Website:

USA Hockey What the Heck is HECC?

Parent's Guide to Buying Hockey Equipment:

2019-20 SafeSport Changes & Information:

Email Sent to Parents:

Email Sent to All USA Hockey Organizations about the SafeSport Changes:

(Includes identification that all 2000-02 Girls & 2001-02 Youth Players must complete SafeSport Training)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information:

USA Hockey Coronavirus Information:

       The above link has the Returning to the Rinks Document, info on Spit Guards, USA Hockey Face Mask Guidelines, and many other documents and links.

Considerations for Youth Sports:

Concussion Information:  

USA Hockey Concussion Info Page:

NEW Resources for 2019-20: USA Hockey Concussion Management Program and Return to Play Form.

The Return to Play Form requires the signature of BOTH a Medical professional and the Parents. The Form should then be signed by the Coach and kept in the Manager's Book.

BOTH documents (Return to Play & Concussion Management) are posted below!

See below for summary of New York State Law on Concussion Return to Play Clearances.

USA Hockey Concussion Management and return to Play Form Links & FAQ:

CDC Heads Up Hockey webpage with info on Concussion Symptoms as well as more info on Concussions:

More info is posted below including the NHL/NHLPA 2019 Concussion Education Video Link

More Links to Info on Concussions:

Team Up Speak Up - Article on it is everyone's responsibility to report if they see injury or concussion symptoms in a player or team mate:

          "The problem is that if your teammate has a concussion, they may not know it. So your job as a good teammate is to protect your teammates. So if you think they might have a concussion, it’s your job to speak up to one of your coaches – let an adult know that you’re concerned about a concussion. That makes you a great teammate because you’re looking out for your teammate’s long-term health – and that’s the kind of player every coach should want on their team."

Concussion Return to Play Form

Injury Management Resource Guide (recommend all Managers have this in their Manager's Book!)

New York Law on Return to Play Clearances

The info to the right is from USA Hockey's Document on State Laws pertaining to Return to Play after a concussion and who can provide clearance.
NOTE: Only a licensed Physician can provide clearance.
Note 4: Law requires educational information or materials to be developed, distributed, and/or made accessible, but does not require acknowledgment of receipt or informed consent prior to a youth athlete’s participation in sports. For example, information must be distributed to parents, posted on a Web site, or included on a parental permission form if such form exists (e.g., New York).

King-Devick Baseline Testing

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