How to Make Ice Requests

The following is a series of templates used to make Ice Requests. 
These are provided  so teams and the Ice Scheduler can effectively work together.  
All requests should be made via email with your TEAM NAME/COACH in the Subject Line.
Ice Scheduler is Nick Tochelli    Webmaster/Ice Billing is Jeanne Barreca (

Weekend Blackouts:
        11/2-4 Girls Fire on Ice   (plan on playing away, there is no ice in Rochester)
        1/4-6  Ice very limited due to High School Showcase, limited to early morning or late night ice
        3/1-3 & 3/9-11   Boulter Tournament
        2/22-23  Empire Playoffs
        All Sunday afternoons due to Gliding Stars, Open Skate & Webster Skating School (1:30 to 5:15pm although some variations occasionally occur)

1)      Blackout Dates (ALL TEAMS):
Blackout dates are ONLY allowed for Tournaments.  Tournament Blackout Dates should be sent to the Webmaster ( using the templates below for entry into your website until managers get access to team websites.

Once Team Managers have access to Team Websites, managers should enter Tournament Blackout Dates as GAMES so they show up on the Ice Schedulers display.  The opponent for a Travel Day should be "TBD-Travel Day" and the opponent for Tournament Days should be "TBD-Tournament".  Also, an Event of Type "OTHER" should be entered which contains  the Tournament Name & Organizer (example MyHockey Roch Rumble).  At present, the ice scheduler can not see events other than GAMES.

Teams do not need to Blackout Holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve, NY Eve, ...). Game Ice will be assigned excluding Tournament Blackouts & Holidays when the rink is not open.

EXAMPLE #1 Tournament Blackout Request (local Tournament)
Tournament Name: Rochester Rumble

Tournament Organizer (org or company): MyHockey

Tournament Location: Rochester
Dates (including travel days): October 12-14 Fri-Sun (local, no travel days)

EXAMPLE #2 Tournament Blackout Request (out of town)

Tournament Name: Pittsburgh Classic

Tournament Organizer (org or company): MyHockey

Tournament Location: Pittsburgh
Dates (including travel days): November 10-12 Sat-Mon (travel day Friday November 9)
Note Thursday 11/8 and Tuesday 11/13 are NOT allowable exclusions if your players are in school.


          a. Practices: NO cancellations once assigned. WYHA does not allow practice day/time requests. Teams with conflicts should switch with another team then email Nick to have the website changed and the rink notified.

          b. Games: After all teams receive their ice and go thru their respective scheduling meetings, any cancellations create holes in the ice schedule. We expect teams to utilize the ice they are given for games at their scheduling meetings and promptly return any unused ice.  Teams holding onto to ice to setup scrimmages own this ice and it is not cancellable or exchangeable.  WYHA plans ice usage and should not be expected to find somebody else for the ice because teams do not quickly get their scrimmages scheduled (once league scheduling occurs, most teams will have full schedules so waiting means you will not be able to find opponents). The Webster Rink has imposed new rules for cancellations of ice and require a minimum of 30 days of notice (do not wait until 30 days before as we need time to confirm the ice slot cancellation). We will try to work with teams to sell ice within WYHA but there are no guarantees so teams should be prepared to use any cancelled slots for extra practice. Teams should warn opposing teams that finding other ice to replace the game slot will not be easy and your team/opponent should be prepared to be flexible (Note: all leagues support this policy, some leagues impose fines for rescheduling games).  Late night and early game slots may be all that is available even at other rinks. After Sept 30, ice at Webster may not be available. Game ice at other rinks, once booked for WYHA teams by the WYHA Ice Scheduler will be subject to those rinks cancellation policies.  The ice scheduler will advise the team of the policy, if any, at the time of booking.

3)      GAME ICE REQUESTS for Scrimmages or makeup Games (ALL TEAMS)

          Teams with Game Ice Requests after their League Scheduling is completed or after 9/30 should use the following Template and email to Nick/Jeanne with their Team Name in the Email Subject Line.  WYHA expects teams to get their games scheduled for the season in a timely manner (i.e. within several days after their league scheduling occurs), however recognizes opportunities to play more games occasionally come up after their season schedule is completed shortly after their scheduling meeting. In most cases, ice for these games will not be available at Webster and teams should be prepared to be flexible on rink and time.  Teams who exceed their allotments will be billed.

Game Ice Request Template:

TEAM: 12U Coach YYY

GAME DATES: 11/14, 12/13, 1/6   (already negotiated with opponent, list at least 2)

OPPONENT: Albany 12U A

CONFLICTS (i.e. other games already scheduled): Playing PYH at 10 AM on 12/13, Playing Batavia on 11/14 at 1 PM

4)      August Practice Ice Requests (for Travel & Girls 16U & 19U Teams ONLY):

To make August Ice Requests, please use the following example and send to Nick ( and Jeanne(   Please Copy & Paste this EXAMPLE into your email reply with your info.  Your email should have your team name/coach in the subject line.  Requests are due by June 15. Empire House Team ice will begin after Labor Day. Teams who exceed their allotments will be billed.

14U Coach YYY

START DATE: Week of August 6th

FREQUENCY: 2 per week

FULL/SHARED PREFERENCE: 1 full, 1 shared 

5)      August TEAM CAMP Request (Travel & Girls 16U/19U Teams ONLY):

For Teams considering a Team Camp in August, copy the example template below into an email and send to Nick & Jeanne.  Requests due by June 15. Teams who exceed their allotment will be billed.


TEAM: 14U Coach XXX

WEEK OF: August 6th

STRUCTURE of CAMP: Monday thru Thursday ice from 4-5 PM and 6-7 PM 2nd choice 5-6 PM and 7-8 PM  2nd choice of days: Sunday thru Wed

(NOTE: practice requests have priority over team camps in the weeks of August 20 & 27)

6)       To Request Practice Frequency Changes (TRAVEL & GIRLS 16U/19U ONLY):
Email to Nick/Jeanne by June 15.  Practice frequency changes will be accommodated if there is available ice (increases) or WYHA can fill practice ice obligations with other teams (decrease requests).  Day/time requests are not permitted (applies to ALL teams).  Teams who exceed their allotment will be billed.

EXAMPLE #1: (decreasing ice request during High School season):
TEAM: 14U Coach YYY
START DATE:  11/6 (and running thru High School season)
Frequency: 1 hour per week
Full/Shared Preference: alternate 1 full and 2 shared per week

EXAMPLE #2:  (change to Bantam assumption)

TEAM: 13U Coach YYY
START DATE:  Week of Sept 2
FREQUENCY: 2 per week
FULL/SHARED Preference: 2 shared + 3rd practice full ice one week per month (full ice Sept thru Jan only)