Player Registration Instructions and Information

WEBSTER YOUTH HOCKEY is located in Rochester NY

These instructions are for registering Players for the Beginner, Pony/6U, Empire House (RWB/8U thru Midget/18U plus Squirt/10U Red), Girls (16u & 19U plus 12U Supplemental) and Travel Teams (11U and up).
         NOTE 1: All Team based programs are closed as all rosters are frozen on 12/31 per league rules.

         NOTE 2: The WINTER Beginner Program is OPEN for registration for all players from ages 4 to 12 and will take new players thru late February - no skating skating experience is required.  The price reduces weekly to reflect the # of sessions left.  Returning Fall Beginners players should register for the Winter Session using the same USA Hockey Confirmation number they used for the Fall Session!


1.) ALWAYS Use Your Child's LEGAL NAME when registering with USA Hockey and WYHA.  This is the name shown on their birth certificate or passport. An incorrect name will disable a player's birth date verification thus they can not play in Games until corrected!
2.) For issues or questions about Registration, please email Jeanne Barreca, WYHA Registrar at or call 585-586-1773   When Registration links are open, there will be a ORANGE button labelled REGISTER on the applicable Program page.  If a program closes, this link will be turned off and/or a notice posted on the Program page!
3.) Register under the correct Program (Beginner, Pony, Empire House, Travel & Girls). If your children will play in different Programs for 2018-19, you must complete the first child's registration, then go to the PROGRAM page for the other Program and utilize the registration link at that webpage.  Failure to do so will result in an incorrect fee and hassles to get fees and other information corrected.
4.) FAMILY DISCOUNT NOTICE: The Family Discount is ONLY available for the 2nd/3rd/etc child registered in a family.  If the Family Discount is claimed for the 1st child, then your family will be billed for $50 for the 1st child registered.
5.) Empire House, Girls 16U/19U and Travel ONLY: If you paid the $150 at Tryouts/Evals in March/April -OR- by check/online by June 1, please select the OPTION "We did pay the $150 at Tryouts/Evals", otherwise $150 will be added to the amount to be paid.  All prices shown assume the $150 was paid at Tryouts/Evals and the $150 was already subtracted from the prices shown!  All Girls registering for the Girls 12U team should ALWAYS select "the $150 was PAID" to avoid having $150 added to their fee!


1.) Create a WYHA CrossBar Account:
      NOTE: For 2018-19, all families MUST establish a NEW account

      a.) Click on the Sign Up Icon in the upper left hand corner
      b.) Enter your email and a password (we recommend you write them down in a secure location) and CLICK on the SIGN UP button

      c.) Follow the instructions to verify your email.
      d.) Type in your name and phone after clicking on the link on the verification email.

2.) Register your child as an ICE PLAYER with USA Hockey:

       Go to and follow the instructions

      NOTE: 6U players are FREE!

3.) Register with WYHA and pay:
      a.) Go to the PROGRAMS tab at the top of the WYHA website.  If you have more than one child to register and they will be playing in different Programs, you must complete one child and then go to the program webpage the second child will be enrolled in.  If you are unsure about which Program to register your child for, please see the brief descriptions below.
      b.) On the drop down menu, click on the PROGRAM you wish to register your child for
      c.) Read thru the information on the webpage, then click on the REGISTER link.  Note that the REGISTER link can ONLY be used to register players for the PROGRAM described on the page.

      d.) Click on NEW PLAYER or select the child if already listed.  If selecting NEW PLAYER, enter the name of the player.

      e.) Complete the registration by entering the USA Hockey Confirmation number, address info and answering the questions on ALL the pages.  Movement from page to page is by the buttons in YELLOW/ORANGE.

       f.) Complete the registration by paying with a credit card or by signing up for an online payment plan.

2018-19 Programs:  More Info is available on each webpage along with the registration link!

     TRAVEL Select this Program if your child has been offered a position on a WYHA Travel Team

             1.) Select GIRLS if your daughter has been offered a position on the WYHA Girls 16U or 19U team.
             2.) Girls playing on the Girls 12U Supplemental Team should register for their primary team first (Empire House or Travel), then go to the Girls Program and register for the Girls 12U Supplemental Team.

              1.) Select this Program to register your child for the Empire House Program - RWB/8U thru Midget/18U. Note your child should have completed either one full year of the Beginner Program or other Learn to Skate Program or the Pony Program before registering for this Program.  Players must be age 7 or older, or have completed one year in the Pony Program.  Advanced Skating Skills are required to register for the 14U or 18U Teams.
               2.) SQUIRT/10U RED: If your child was selected for this team, then select the EMPIRE HOUSE Program and then select the pricing option for SQUIRT RED

     PONY/6U:  Open to players with a birth date in 2012 or 2013 who have completed at least one full session of Beginners or other Learn to Skate Program

     BEGINNERS:  This Program is for players with limited or no skating experience, ages 4 and up. Note we recommend 3 year olds complete a Learn to Skate Program (similar to Webster Skating School).  All players should be ready to go out on the ice without a parent.

     CAMPS, CLINICS and SUPPLEMENTAL:  This program allows players to sign up for Clinics and Camps run by WYHA.  These are opportunities for additional ice time and to learn specific skills.  Players participating must be registered with WYHA.

A.) USA Hockey Registration is required.  This is free for birthyears 2012 and younger.
B.) Pricing shown for the Empire House, Travel & Girls Programs assume payment of $150 at Travel/Girls tryouts or at Empire House Evals.  If this 1st payment was not made, then this can be paid as part of the Registration.  Most Travel, Girls and Empire House players paid the $150 at Tryouts or Evals.
C.) PAYMENT PLANS: WYHA does offer payment plans for all Program except Beginners.  In most cases, the payment plans require a first payment in June, then payments on 7/30, 8/30, 9/30, 10/30 and 11/30. Midget Travel payment plans require payments in June, 7/30, 8/30 and 9/30. Supplemental Programs (RWB & Girls 12U) may also offer short payment plans.
D.) PAYMENT BY CHECK: If you wish to pay by check, please contact the Registrar at to have a special link generated to register your child. Parents will be expected to pay using the same terms as parents paying online.  Please contact the Registrar at least 48 hours before the 6/30 and 7/31 deadlines so the link can be generated.
E.) WYHA Discounts: offers several discounts which are automatically applied based on the questions. Discounts include:
        1. Registration and payment by June 30 ($50 discount)  ONLY AVAILABLE FOR HOUSE, PONY, GIRLS & TRAVEL
        2. Payment in Full at Registration ($25)
        3. Family Discount for the 2nd/3rd/etc. child registered at WYHA (we do check every registration selecting this option and will bill families who select this option for the 1st child registered)
        4. Goalie Discount of 20% for players at 9U and older (note Goalies are not eligible for the family discount given website programming limitations on the number of discount options). Coaches will be requiring players to play this position (may skate out if two Goalies on the team) if registered using this option. 8U players are not eligible for the Goalie discount as USA Hockey encourages all players to try the Goalie position and full time Goalies are not recommended. 8U players interested in playing Goalie at the 9U and up level are welcome to attend the Goalie Clinics offered by WYHA (no cost).