Team Staff Registration Instructions

These instructions apply to all Adult Team Staff and include Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches, Team Managers (including Schedulers), Locker Room Monitors (LRM), Spectator Behavior Monitors (SBM) and On Ice Helpers.
NOTE 1: WYHA has changed from Locker Room Attendant to Locker Room Monitor (LRM) to be consistent with West Section & WNYAHL.  Spectator Behavior Monitors (SBM) are required under the updated 2020-21 USA Hockey Zero Tolerance Policy.
NOTE 2: On Ice Helpers may only help on ice at practices.  They may NOT be on the bench for Games because they are not eligible to be on team rosters due to no current CEP or module.  Use of a non-rostered coach on the bench can result in a suspension to the Head Coach.

ALWAYS Use Your LEGAL NAME when registering with USA Hockey, WYHA and for any required Training.  This is the name shown on your birth certificate or driver's license.

1.) Create Your WYHA Website Account
NOTE #1:
Utilize the account used to register your child(ren) if you were the registering parent, otherwise you MUST create an account using your name and email address.

NOTE #2: If you were WYHA Team Staff in the 2018-19 or 2019-20 season, an account already exists --> skip this step

      a.) Click on the Sign Up Icon in the upper left hand corner
      b.) Enter your email and a password (we recommend you write them down in a secure location) and CLICK on the SIGN UP button

      c.) Follow the instructions to verify your email.

      d.) Type in your Name and phone after clicking on the link in the verification email.

NOTE #3: The Name used to set up your account is the Name appearing on the Team Website to add a Team Staff member to the Team Website.  If the name on the account has been mis-typed, it can be fixed later by logging onto your account, then click on DASHBOARD (top left of website), then click on PROFILE and update the name. This is YOUR account so the webmaster can NOT fix it for you.  A WYHA Account is required to be a Team Staff member. Spouses who both have a role within WYHA MUST both have an account so their names show up correctly on team websites.

2.) Register with USA Hockey for 2020-21 (Note: previous season registration ids are no longer valid)

         Go to and follow the instructions

                 NOTE #1: Do NOT email your USA Hockey Confirmation Number to the Registrar.  The registrar will get your number when you complete Step #3

                NOTE #2: Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches and On Ice Helpers must register as a COACH with USA Hockey. Team Managers, Schedulers, Spectator Behavior Monitors & Locker Room Monitors who will NOT be skating or on ice should register as a MANAGER/VOLUNTEER.

               NOTE #3:  Already registered with USA Hockey for 2020-21 but deleted the email or can't find it?  Request a duplicate at:  

3.) Register with WYHA

      a.) Log on to your WYHA account (see 1. above)

      b.) Go to the PROGRAMS tab at the top of the WYHA website.

      c.) On the drop down menu, click on WYHA TEAM STAFF   - OR - click on the link below:

      d.) Read thru the information on this page, then on the right hand side click on the REGISTER button

      e.) Click on NEW PLAYER or select the person off the page you wish to register (ADULTS only - team staff must be 18 or older).  If selecting NEW PLAYER, enter the name of the TEAM STAFF member as the player. The parent will be the person doing the registration.  In most cases, adult team staff should be registering themselves and thus will be both the player and the parent. NOTE: the name on the Team Staff member's website account will be the name added to the Team website.  All team staff must have a website account in their own name.  If the account was set up with an incorrect name (or phone number or email), please see NOTE #3 under Step 1.) above.

      f.) Complete the registration by entering the 2020-21 USA Hockey Confirmation number, address info and answering the questions on ALL the pages.

4.) Complete any required Training prior to your 1st Team practice. 

The latest info on the CEP Program can be found here:                                  

ALWAYS Use Your LEGAL NAME when registering with USA Hockey, WYHA and for any required Training.  This is the name shown on your birth certificate or driver's license.

Training Requirements for Head & Assistant Coaches:
      a.) SafeSport (every season)  b.) Screening   c.) Coach (CEP) Clinic   d.) Age Specific Module
SafeSport, Screening and CEP expire so most coaches must complete at least one before every season starts. Coaches moving up to new age level (ex: from Squirt/10U to Peewee/12U) will have to complete an Age Level Module.  If you do not have a Coaching Education Program (CEP) Certification or your CEP will expire on 12/31 or has expired, you must REGISTER for your CEP course BEFORE your 1st practice. Coaches needing to complete the online Level 3 re-certification must complete this BEFORE their first practice! Instructions and Links for all training are Below.

  • WYHA will not pay travel/hotel expenses for CEP Clinics.  Coaches may skate at practice without being signed up for a CEP Clinics. However, in order to be rostered and on the bench for games, the Coach must be signed up for a CEP Clinic and submit the Receipt to if they need to complete a clinic this season.
  • 8U & 6U Coaches ONLY - as of this writing, 8u and 6U Coaches may have an expired CEP and do not need to get a Temp Card or take the next CEP class.  To be on the bench for a 10U or older game, a coach MUST have a current CEP or be signed up to take the CEP class.
  • Coaches who sign up for a clinic and do not attend will be removed from the Team Roster on 12/31 per NYSAHA & USA Hockey Rules (there are no excuses accepted by USA Hockey). They will not be reimbursed by WYHA.

  • 2020-21 CEP Program Changes Letter from NY Coach In Chief Chuck Gridley
    NOTE 1: New York recommends Coaches take NY District Seminars (but does not require NY seminars).  New York is only posting seminars month by month in the hopes they can go back to in person classes in the late Fall.  However, coaches signing up for out of state virtual CEP classes may be bumped out if coaches in the district need to take the class.
    NOTE 2: Levels 1 thru 4 are all $50 per clinic.  Note that Coaches who take the Level 4 clinic this year will be grandfathered in for future changes.
    NOTE 3: USA Hockey is offering a Temp Card program for 2020-21 ONLY where a coach may have his expiration date extended by 1 year.  Temp Cards may be applied for until 12/31.

Training Requirements for On Ice Helpers, Managers (including Schedulers), Spectator Behavior Monitors and Locker Room Monitors:

     a.) SafeSport (every season)     b.) Screening

SafeSport and Screening expire so most team staff must complete at least one before every season starts. Instructions and Links for all training are Below.

Training & Registration Status List as of 11-22-2020

       SafeSport & Screening as of 11-22-2020

Currently includes all Team Staff registered with WYHA in 2019-20 (new 2020-21 staff are listed as they register with WYHA)

Steps to be completed for 2020-21 are in YELLOW.

Steps that were completed in past seasons and current for 2020-21 are in WHITE

This list will be updated monthly (approximately). Steps completed will be updated to be GREEN.

Any coach who has signed up for a Virtual CEP class in the future and sends me the receipt is in BLUE

NEW: 18U Travel & Girls 17U Players SafeSport Status has been added
Please check this list BEFORE emailing the Registrar about your status.
This list is updated approximately once a week! Only Team Staff who are registered with WYHA using the WYHA Team Staff registration link under the PROGRAMS tab will have their status updated starting on 7-14.

                     Team Staff Status List

Team Staff Status List NOTES:

    1.) SafeSport Status & Type: Status is Y (yes) because everyone has to complete this step EVERY season. 
Please take the class USA Hockey tells you to take when you log in for SafeSport Training.

    2.) ScreeningOnly complete this step if your status is Y in yellow to avoid confusing USA Hockey. Screening is being done by a new company at the National level.  Screenings which are CLEAR will take AT LEAST 3-5 business days. If your record has hits, you may be contacted for additional information so pay attention to your email and promptly return any requested information. USA Hockey uses this info on hits to determine whether potential Team Staff should have contact with minors - generally HITS on a record are evaluated based on the severity (Felony or Misdemeanor, type of offense and length since the offense). Team Staff have not completed screening until they show up in the Registrar's Portal with CLEAR status and may not participate until cleared.  NEW: A copy of your driver's license or passport is required to be uploaded as part of the screening so scan or take a picture of this document BEFORE you start the Screening.

    3.) CEP: Level 3 Online Re-certification should be completed before the first practice.  Send a copy of the receipt to the Registrar at    NOTE: USA Hockey is conducting all CEP classes virtually so sign up early as the classes are small and fill FAST!

          a.) Beginner/6U/8U Exception: Coaches who will be coaching ONLY at the 6U/8U (or Beginners) Levels may have an expired Level 1, 2 or 3 CEP.  Until a 6U/8U Coach registers, the list will show your CEP as expired.  Once we know a coach will be ONLY coaching at the 6U/8U/Beginner level, we will change their definition to COACH - 8U Only so they are allowed to have an expired CEP.

    4.) Modules:  Only Coaches who have not yet completed ANY modules are in YELLOW.  Coaches are expected to use the data shown to figure out if they need to take a Module.  Example: If a Squirt/10U coach in 2019-20 has a child moving up to Peewee/12U for 2020-21, the coach will need to complete the Peewee/12U Module if the Peewee/12U module is NOT shown as being completed in the list.
    5.) On Ice Helpers:  There is no guarantee USA Hockey will continue to allow WYHA to let On Ice Helpers coach for practices only in 2020-21.  In past seasons, WYHA has been able to let coaches help at practices ONLY with registration as a COACH with USA Hockey registration as a Coach, completion of SafeSport and Screening.

SafeSport Training

Complete 48 hours before 1st practice. Starting in 2019-20 this training is required every season.  Team Staff must complete training between 4/1 & the 1st practice. USA Hockey has updated the training so follow the instructions carefully & make sure all parts are completed. USA Hockey will identify whether the full (3 parts) or refresher (Part 1) training is required once logged in. Training is free. If payment is requested, it is the wrong course - OR - "USA Hockey" was not selected as your organization!  SafeSport Training shows up on your USA Hockey record 24-48 hours after completion. If you have problems registering for the Training, see additional instructions below. For other issues, please contact


Complete 2 weeks before 1st practice. If screening was completed before April 1 2019, your screening has expired and re-screening is required. Instructions: click on the link below, read the instructions and click on the red Screening button, fill out the required info and upload an image of your government issued ID, and pay the fee. Screening should show up on your USA Hockey record within 2 weeks if your status is CLEAR - people who have lived in multiple jurisdictions may take longerNOTE: Pay attention to any emails received requesting additional info as this can extend the time necessary to complete the screening.  PROBLEMS with Screening: Contact NCSI Technical Support at

866-996-7412 - OR -

NOTE:  More info on getting results and finding out why your screening is not completed is posted below.

Coach Education Program (CEP)

Signup for clinic before 1st practice (preferred are CEP classes offered in NY district). Coaches who need to complete the online Level 3 re-certification MUST complete before their 1st practice! All coaches must have a current Coaching Education Program (CEP) certification (exception: 8U/6U/Beginner coaches may have an expired CEP Level 1,2,3). To sign up for a clinic use the link below. For 2020-21, virtual CEP classes will posted starting in late June.  SIGN UP EARLY! Virtual clinics held by other districts may be taken but coachews can be bumped if coaches from the other district need to take the class. Coaches without a certification, or have expired or are expiring on 12/31 must complete a clinic. REQUIRED: send the receipt to to be rostered on a team!

Age Specific Module

Complete no later than 48 hours before 1st practice. Modules do not expire. There are modules for 8U (required for 8U and 6U coaches), 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U. Module training is on line but do take time (~8 hours) to complete. Coaches must complete the Module for the level they are coaching. NOTE: Modules will show up on your USA Hockey record approximately 24-48 hours after completion.

Instructions for completing the SafeSport training:

Link to the SafeSport Training page:

Instructions & Hints:

Use the link above and create your own account using your 2020-21 USA Hockey Confirmation Number & your own email.  Choose a password (make sure the password is written down in case you can not complete all 3 parts of the training in one session).

NOTE: during the registration process, the interface will ask you to choose an organization - it is important you chooses "USA HOCKEY".  Choosing any other organization may result in a cost and will result in your completion status not being reported to USA Hockey and being put on your USA Hockey record.

Once the activation email is received, follow the instructions for activation and then you can enter the portal and complete the training.  USA Hockey SafeSport will determine whether the full training course with 3 parts is required or the Refresher (1 part) is required.  Follow the directions once logged in.


More information about how to register for the SafeSport Training can be found at:

If there are problems with the registration or you do not get an activation email, please contact

Screening Status:

To get a receipt:

go to NCSI's website and click on "Status Check" in the upper right corner. Look yourself up using the search tools and then select "Invoice Details". You can print your receipt directly from this page.

To get your status or find out why your status is NOT VERIFIED or NOT COMPLETED:

NCSI Technical Support
Phone: 866-996-7412   Email:

USA Hockey:

Lauren Tesler Harless
SafeSport Compliance and Legal Administrator
Phone: (719) 538-1145

Don Pino
SafeSport Program Manager
Phone: (719) 538-1150

SafeSport Training Certificate Example

Team Staff & 2001/2002/2003 Players should submit to
Taking the Refresher Course results in a Certificate which states "Refresher 1" Completed instead of "SafeSport Trained".  Take the course required by USA Hockey once you log in to take the training.

USA Hockey Screening Suspensions

Check the Screening webpage identified above and click on the PDF's provided for more details on USA Hockey Screening Standards and identification of violations that will cause a individuals status to "FLAG".

Also from the West Section President:
If a Coach, Staff Member or Board Member of an Association is arrested for crimes involving alcohol, drugs, acts of violence or a sexually-related offense, it is the responsibility of the Association to report it to the Section President to see if further action is necessary. This should be done with the utmost confidentiality. This would show up when someone is screened but screening is not done continually.
Any questions, please contact the West Section President, Gary Joseph.  See the NYSAHA website for his contact info.

Why Do I Have to Do This Training?

The following was borrowed from a recent Amateur Hockey Association Illinois (AHAI) newsletter:


"USA Hockey and the Coaching Education Program (CEP) require: USA Hockey Registration (every season), Screening (every other season), SafeSport Training (every season), Age Specific Module and the appropriate Level CEP clinic to be eligible to coach. Why?"


The answer is rather simple; the kids deserve it. What do I mean by that? As parents, you turn your children over to their coaches for several hours a week. After parents and teachers, your kids spend more time with coaches than probably anyone else during the season. USA Hockey and AHAI want that experience to be the best and safest it can be. Only properly educated coaches can help in the development of your skaters both on and off the ice. Coaches have a massive responsibility. Most of us remember our coaches; both the good and the bad. The effect they have on players can be immense and with that comes great responsibility.

This Article was copied to all organizations in Western New York

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