Team Staff Reimbursement Process

New Policy for 2019-20

Team Staff (Coaches, Managers, On Ice Helpers, Locker Room Attendants) will be reimbursed for registration and training expenses as follows:

$54 for Coach USA Hockey Registration

$0 for Manager/Locker Room Attendant/Volunteer USA Hockey Registration (this is free!)

$0 for SafeSport Training (online training is free!)

$25.50 for Screening if required (please only do this if required, submitting for this because you are not sure often results in no credit and may mess up your USA Hockey record)

$10 for Coaching Modules Completed (not in process, must be completed)

$45 for completion of Level 1,2,3 CEP Class

$45 for completion of Level 3 Recertification Track 1 or 2
$250 for Level 4 CEP Class completion


1.) Coach or Manager or LRA completes registration and all required Training/screening.  If you are not sure what Training is required, register with USA Hockey and with WYHA using the WYHA Team Staff Registration (found under the PROGRAMS tab of this website), then email the Registrar ( and ask.

2.) Once all Training is completed (including attendance at CEP class if needed) and the Team Staff member status in the USA Hockey record updates, then the Team Staff member will be placed on one of two lists:

       a.) Team Staff Member has a child on a Payment Plan: the last payment will be reduced by the above amounts.  An email to the Team Staff member will be sent to confirm this change has happened.

       b.) Team Staff Member is a Non Parent Coach or their child (or children) are paid in full: a monthly list will be sent to the Treasurer who will write the Team Staff member a check.  Expect a check 4-6 weeks after completing all requirements. First list to Treasurer should be sent in mid September.