Team Staff Reimbursement Process

Team Manager Instructions

Each section below (there are 5 sections) should be copied into a WORD file (or print this webpage) and filled out once ALL Team Staff have completed their requirements for Registration, Screening, Modules and CEP classes/Level 3 recert. SafeSport Training is free so no re-imbursment is needed.  Each team is allowed ONE reimbursement request per season so it is important that the manager gather all receipts into one package by 12/31. Then attach the requested supporting documentation for each section.  Package all sections with supporting receipts into ONE envelope and mail to:
         Webster Youth Hockey

         PO Box 118

         Webster, NY 14580

Email the Treasurer ( and tell them the date you mailed the info so they know to pick it up at the PO Box.  DO NOT EMAIL ALL THE DOCUMENTATION - this clogs everyone's inbox and some email servers will not allow large attachments!
The Treasurer will review your request and write ONE check to the Team Manager or Treasurer (identify which one) and the Manager/Treasurer is responsible for distributing the reimbursements to the Team Staff members.


PHONE #:  

USA Hockey Registration Reimbursement Requested Total:  $

Screening Reimbursement Requested Total:                                $

Coaching Modules Reimbursement Requested Total:               $
CEP Certification Reimbursement Requested Total:                  $
Reimbursement Total:                                                                            $

Submitter Signature:    
Treasurer Signature: 

Section 2: USA Hockey Registration

$48.00 Per Coach
Maximum 4 per Team
Receipt Required
List Names:  

Section 3: Screening

$25.50 Per Coach or Manager or LRA
Maximum 5 per Team
Receipt or Page 1 of Screening Report Required as Proof
List Names:  

Section 4: Modules

$10.00 Per Coach
Maximum 4 per Team
Receipt Required for each Coach
List Names:  

Section 5: CEP Classes/Recert

$45.00 Per Coach (Level 1,2,3 or if Level 4 is required, course fee only is reimbursed)
Maximum 4 per Team
Receipt Required for each Coach
List Names, Level & Amount Per Coach: