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Calendar “The Week Ahead” 

Format is not changeable.  Managers have schedule access to update & add events via the box “+EVENT” to the right and above the calendar.  More comments on Events and what is editable are below under SCHEDULE.

This where Staff show up after they entered.  More info under STAFF below.  All Team Staff should ONLY be added by the WEBMASTER even though Managers have the privilege to do this.  Team Staff will be added as they complete their registration and training/screening/CEP sign-up requirements.  NOTE: The reason for this rule is to make that all staff have completed their requirements before they take on a Team management role.  With the increased awareness of SafeSport issues, all organizations are receiving additional scrutiny (and possible fines and other sanctions) to make sure ALL Team Staff have completed SafeSport Training, Screening and, for coaches, Module & CEP Training.  Reminder: all the training is mandated for the safety of our children!

Team Feed
Any messages put into this “feed” will show up on your website as well as be emailed to your parents.  This can be a easy way to communicate with parents.  The parents currently associated with each child are listed on the PARENTS page (see below for more info). 

PUBLIC messages can be seen by the public.  TEAM ONLY messages can only be seen if team parents are logged in. Note that until all players are registered, the Team Feed has limited value.  Note the feed is available to both Parents & the Manager to post messages.  EXAMPLES of Public Messages: #1 Who to contact to schedule games with your team with phone # & email   #2 Major Game wins or Tournament successes  #3 Sponsorships.  Managers can go through and clean up the feed as needed by deleting out of date messages.

Images can be uploaded with messages. REMINDER: some parents are sensitive to images of their children being posted so discuss this issue with your parents before posting a lot of images.  Images may need to be clipped or resized to make them look nice on the feed.


The view the manager sees has the player’s birth date & USA Hockey Confirmation #.  Not sure why a manager would need the USA Hockey confirmation # but managers may find the birth date info useful.  The parent, team staff & public view of this display only lists the players. 

The Webmaster has been adding players as they register (generally within 48 to 72 hours).  Managers do not have the privilege to add/delete players.


This display lists all of your Games.  Managers must enter all of the Games with the event type of “GAME” – this event type allows you to enter the Game Score (please post your team game scores as they occur).  Note the Ice Scheduler will enter all of your game slots as practice then add a Game Slot over the top of it.  DO NOT delete the GAME slot entered by the Ice Scheduler as this Game Slot prompts him to order referees!  Managers should only EDIT the GAME and add (or change) opponents.  Scrimmages can be designated by putting "scrimmage" in the Opponent field along with the opponent name (example: "Batavia - Scrimmage".  NOTE: if the manager deletes the Game without notifying the Ice Scheduler & Webmaster, then referees will NOT be cancelled. You must notify the Ice Scheduler and Webmaster of the decision to cancel a scrimmage and use the ice as practice (or vice versa).  Do not assume putting a GAME designator on practice ice will get refs scheduled - you must tell the Ice Scheduler of the change in usage.

Managers can add AWAY Games either from the HOME page +EVENT interface or the +EVENT on the Schedule page. 

Entering Game Scores: All teams should enter the final score of the game on their website. Managers login, go to the GAMES tab, then click on Edit and enter the game score.

TOURNAMENTS: If you have sent the Webmaster your Tournaments, they were entered as follows:

·         As Event Type "GAME" – one game per day with the opponent either “TBD – Travel” for a Travel Day to a Tournament more than 4 hours away (and must be the day of actual travel) or “TBD – Tournament”.  Once the Tournament schedule is received, you can update the existing slots with the correct times/opponents & (if necessary) add Games to match the Tournament Schedule.

·         As you figure out your Tournaments, you should enter your Tournaments as described above.  NOTE the Ice Scheduler can see the GAME type on his display but can’t always see the scheduling types. 

If you are leaving Thursday because the Friday thru Sunday Tournament is in Pittsburgh or another place more than 4 hours away, Thursday is ok for a Travel Day.  But WEDNESDAY and MONDAY ARE NOT – the ice scheduler can override any Travel days for practice assignments if your team’s request is not reasonable.  If you are going to a Tournament in Florida or someplace where you can’t reasonably get back Sunday evening, then Monday is ok.  Every travel day you request will scramble the schedule for another team (or many teams) or you may lose practices if switches can not be made.


This display shows all Events entered by the Ice Scheduler (practices and slots for games), the Webmaster, and the Team Manager.  There are two formats – calendar and listing (an Icon in the upper right corner allows the user to switch formats).  Event Types are Game, Practice, Training, Meeting, and Other. 

Note the Ice Scheduler can only see Games on his display.
  Tournaments should always be added as GAMES.

Events entered via the Team Website can be edited or deleted by the Team Manager (whether they were entered by the Team Manager or Webmaster).  The Webmaster enters: Tournaments (if the manager does not have access yet), Webster events your team should be aware of such as Try Hockey for Free, and Reminders for Team Clinics (clinics show up as practice and not switchable/cancelable).  Do not delete the Clinic Reminders.

Events entered by the Ice Scheduler (practices and slots for games) can only be removed by the Ice Scheduler – so any game slots not being used MUST be cancelled by the team according to the cancellation policy (Webster Ice Arena rule is 30 days notice) or the team should plan on using the ice for additional practice.  Games are not cancelled until the Ice Scheduler has removed the game slot from your schedule listing.  IT IS THE MANAGER'S RESPONSIBILITY to check their game slots and ensure the correct ones have been removed or added after requests to the Ice Scheduler.


This display is ONLY available to the TEAM MANAGER. Parents, coaches and other team staff do not have access to this display.  This display lists the parents (with email and phone #) associated with each child.  Initially it will only show the registering parent. The registering parent may add additional parents (and their contact info) using the instructions under ADD PARENT at:    RESOURCES - FOR PARENT - WEBSITE HOW DO I
Getting your parents to add all parent emails will make the Team Feed very useful!!!! 


This display lists all Team Staff members.  DO NOT ADD OR DELETE TEAM STAFF.  The webmaster will add Team Staff as they complete their requirements for registration with USA Hockey and WYHA, screening, SafeSport, Modules and signing up for CEP classes (if required).  No one who is not properly registered and trained should be listed as Team Staff.


This Tab allows the Team Manager to control what items from the team feed they get notified of. WYHA strongly recommends Team Managers monitor what parents are posting!

Team Manager's Website Welcome Email

Team Manager's Welcome Email

Below is the standard email sent to all team manager's just before they are added to the Team Website as a Manager and get their privileges:

Hi Managers:


Right after I send this email, I will add you as the Team Manager to your team website – you will get an email telling you of the addition.  Below is the basic information to manage your team’s website and also has some very important warnings.  Please make sure you follow the rules!


Basic Info & a few Warnings:

  1. Players are added by the webmaster to TEAM WEBSITE ROSTERS within 48-72 hours of registration (usually).
  2. Team Staff are added by the webmaster once they complete their registration/training/screening/CEP sign-up requirements.  The website will let Managers add Team Staff but managers are ASKED NOT TO ADD TEAM STAFF!   NOTE: all coaches and managers must have a Crossbar account in their own name and email in order to be added to the team website - the name shown for the coach or manager is the name on the Crossbar account NOT the name they registered with.
  3. SCHEDULE & GAMES & TOURNAMENTS: Important information on how to manage these as well as all the other team Website features can be found at:      As Game Slots are released, more info will also be sent. Briefly:
    1. Tournaments should be added as Games.  The ice scheduler can only see GAMES on his display.  Use the OTHER event type to describe the Tournament Name & Location so WYHA knows you are going to sanctioned Tournaments!
    2. HOME GAMES: Game slots will show up on your team schedule as weekend practices initially.  As you schedule games, you must enter a matching slot (same day/time) with TYPE GAME and the opponent (the ice scheduler may do this for you but if he does not, you are expected to do it!).  If you do not enter/update a GAME Event over the practice slot with an opponent, the Ice Scheduler will NOT know who your opponent is to give to the rink and you risk not having refs scheduled!  All Home game slots have a 30 day cancellation policy (Ice Arena policy not WYHA) – failure to cancel the slot with the WYHA Ice Scheduler with 30 days notice means it becomes practice ice for your team.  In most cases, the ice scheduler will have added the Game over the practice, in this case you will need to go to the SCHEDULE tab and edit the Game and add the opponent.  To update a score after the Game is completed, you go to the GAMES tab and enter the score there.
    3. AWAY GAMES: enter these on your schedule as Event Type GAME. Do not schedule Away Games over your Home game slots. You will NOT get more game slots to replace conflicts you have now created. Managers with experience know to not create conflicts.
    4. PRACTICES: Managers can’t edit or delete practice slots put in by the Ice Scheduler.  If you switch with another team, you must email the Ice Scheduler and tell him so he can switch the slots and notify the rink (note the rink is notorious for not doing updates so be prepared).
    5. Training/Other/Meetings: These (parties, meetings, PCX, social events etc.) should be scheduled after you get your practices & game schedules.
    6. Scheduling Hints:   Schedule scrimmages early in the season and play your league games after your team has played several scrimmages.  Do not schedule scrimmages late in the season. Leave open dates in January and February (Travel Midgets leave open dates after 10/15) in case games get rescheduled (NOTE: WNYAHL does not accept the excuse that your families have already made plans for the open days, scheduling of League required games takes precedence, using these types of weak excuses will result in a forfeit and the huge fines associated with forfeits).  Scrimmages scheduled late in the season are more likely to be cancelled especially if the weather is bad or the team has to reschedule a league game.

  4. TEAM FEED & PARENT Display: The team feed can be very useful both to post info on your website and to send quick emails to your parents IF you can get all your parents to add all family emails to their account.  The registering parent needs to add the email(s) and the non-registering parent must follow the email verification and account creation instructions (if you have parents who can not figure this out, have them email with the child's name and the new email they wish to add).  There is more info on the Team Feed at the above website link (or look under RESOURCES – FOR MANAGERS).
  5. PARENT WEBSITE INFO: This link has instructions on how to add more parent emails and also info on the MY CALENDAR which functions as a FAMILY CALENDAR – every player (and parent if they are a registered team staff) associated with an email address will be shown on the My Calendar display.  One other note on the MyCalendar - there is a subscribe button which can be used to subscribe to iCal .  I have found that most parents issues with not being able to setup the ICal is they do not have a log in to the website.  See the comments about adding more emails under #4.


Good Luck!

Jeanne Barreca

WYHA registrar & webmaster

585 586 1773