2020-21 Travel & Girls Team Selection Schedule Update

Updated 5/22/2020  2 PM
The travel & girls selection process does NOT start until June 1 (14U Ryan, 16U McNamara, 18U Kernan and 14U Girls Hensel) or June 11 (9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U, 15U, 16U Genest, 18U Swartzenberg, 16U/19U Coffed).  Please wait until June dates above before contacting coaches. Coaches may not contact any players to offer positions until the dates above.  By June 1, the process will be worked out and clearly stated exactly what steps parents need to take to have their children considered and how to execute a player contract.
At the end of this posting, there are links to 5/19/2020 NYSAHA letter & the updates provided by West Section on 5/21/2020.  More info will be coming so check back frequently!

Hi Webster Cyclones Families:

As some may have already heard, NYSAHA has announced a schedule for selection of travel teams.  WYHA has asked for further clarifications on how this process should work and we expect more info soon. Updated info as it is received and a link to a FAQ page will be posted on the front page of WYHA website (www.wyha.com).  Check our website often for updated info!

Here are the currently known facts:
•    For the 2020-21 season, coaches can select players for their team prior to tryouts. Coaches may elect to choose a full roster of players in June or may leave some positions to be chosen during future tryouts. Tryout dates for next season are not yet known and if needed, WYHA intends to hold tryouts for any open spots once given approval by NYSAHA to hold sanctioned events.
•    June 1 to June 10: Selection of players for National Bound Tier II 14u, 16U and 18U teams for both youth and girls will be made by coaches.  WYHA will have Tier II teams at 14U (Ryan), 16U (McNamara), 18U (Kernan) and 14U Girls (Hensel).
•    June 11 to June 30: Selection of the remainder of the travel (youth & girls) teams (9U thru 13U, 15U) as well as any non-National Tournament bound teams at 14U, 16U and 18U by coaches.  
•    WYHA Travel & Girls Teams with Head Coach info can be found at: https://www.wyha.com/events/travel-girls-coaches-contact-info-season-plans/421
•    Parents will have to express interest once each selection period opens and coaches will offer positions via a player contract. There are no registration fees or deposits collected until after player contracts are executed.
•    Both returning WYHA players and players who wish to join the Cyclones from other organizations can be selected by coaches for WYHA teams.
•    All players who have no remaining 2019-20 financial obligations and have returned all equipment (goalie equipment, loaner jerseys, etc.) will be granted releases on 5/30/2020 (no request required).

Some of the questions we are looking to have answered by NYSAHA:
•    Player contract format and how the offer/acceptance process should work between parents and coaches.
•    When WYHA can open registration for the Beginner Program, Pony/6U team and Empire House teams at 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U & 18U.
       5/22 Update: NYSAHA will allow House programs to open registration on 6/11.  Evals will be scheduled once on ice activities are allowed to occur, most likely in September after Labor Day.  RED teams will be selected out of Evals, provided there is sufficient interest, per EAHC agreement.
•    Allowed methods for parents to express interest in a travel/girls team in June.

WYHA will also post answers to the questions asked by parents in the survey we ran a few weeks ago soon on the WYHA website.  WYHA appreciates the fact that over 75% of our families responded and almost all were very enthusiastic about returning to play Cyclones hockey in 2020-21.

Thanks & We Hope all of our Cyclones families are healthy and staying safe during these very difficult times.

The WYHA Board & Officers

Link to the 5/19/2020 NYSAHA Announcement:
Link to the 5/21/2020 West Section Update: