Webster 2020-2021 Team Selection and Registration Update

Posted 6/4/2020 Updated 6/19/2020
1.) See 16U new team announcement below.  All teams have a few openings except those noted below. Players may continue to express interest in any team with openings.
NO on or off ice activity should be occurring until NYSAHA allows teams to begin sanctioned activities. Rinks are not legally allowed to open until Phase 4. We ask our parents, coaches and players to use common sense and follow governmental rules on re-opening.
3.) Per direction on 6/18 from the NY Governor's Office:
Ice hockey is considered a high risk sport.
“Effective immediately and in accordance with this guidance, the above mentioned permitted statewide outdoor, low-risk recreational activities, as determined by ESD, may partake in all types of play, except competitive tournaments requiring travel.
       •  Effective July 6, 2020 in regions that have reached or surpassed Phase 3 of the State’s reopening and in accordance with this guidance, participants in lower and moderate risk sports and recreation activities may partake in all types of play, except competitive tournaments requiring travel. Participants in higher risk sports and recreation activities may only partake in individual or distanced group training and organized no/low-contact group training.”  Competitive practices and games are not yet allowed.

SUMMARY of Events starting on 6/11:
A. Travel, Girls & Bantam Red Teams will be selected starting on 6/11.  Only players who have registered ($0 cost) at WYHA PLAYER INTEREST will be considered - we STRONGLY urge players to register early so coaches have the time to consider all players interested.  The list of teams being selected is listed below.  Note that a WYHA website account is required to start the WYHA PLAYER INTEREST registration. Instructions to setup a WYHA account are at the registration link above.  
B. Empire House Registration will open for non RED teams.  Go to https://www.wyha.com/program/empire-teams/92  to register your child.  This program is open to returning Empire players and players who completed one (preferably 2) sessions of the Beginner program and are in birth years 2002 thru 2013.  Teams are available at the 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U and 18U levels.
C. Pony/6U Registration will open. Go to  https://www.wyha.com/program/pony-6u/93  to register your child. 2014  & 2-15 birth year players who played Pony or completed at least one session of Beginners in 2019-20 are eligible for this team.
D. BEGINNER-FALL registration will open.  Go to  https://www.wyha.com/program/beginners/94  to register your child.
NOTE: Empire House & Pony/6U players registered in June will receive an early registration discount and can take advantage of payment plans will stretch over 7 months (June thru December).

1.     Travel, Girls and Empire Bantam Red Team Formation – Teams selected during the signing periods below.
         a.     May 30 - All players are considered released by NYSAHA unless notified by their organization by 5/24 they had a financial or equipment obligation. No paper or electronic release required.
         b.     June 1 – Travel, Girls & Empire Red Coaches can talk with players
         c.     June 1 (9am) thru June 10 (5pm) – 14U, 16U, 18U TB teams (youth & girls) have completed the signing of players.
                   NOTE: As soon as all parent signed PLAYER AGREEMENTS are received by WYHA, then the roster will be posted on the Team page found under the TEAMS tab at the top of the website.

         d.     June 11 (9am) thru June 30 (5pm)
– Teams listed below may begin signing players. (NEW) Parents with players interested in the Travel, Girls & Bantam Red teams listed below MUST complete the free WYHA PLAYER INTEREST registration starting on June 11.  WYHA PLAYER INTEREST Registration Page  
       NOTE 1 : Registration link will open at 9 AM on 6/11 per NYSAHA rules.
       NOTE 2 : Registration after 6/11 is required in order to considered.
       NOTE 3 : Coaches contact the players they are interested in signing after June 11 via email and offer Player Contracts which should be completed by parents ASAP and returned to the Coach.
       NOTE 4 : Parents can contact coaches before June 11 and coaches can answer questions about their team and plans but no Player Contracts can be offered until June 11.
       NOTE 5 : Team level & divisions are determined once all players are signed. For further info on Season Plans & Coach Bios, please click here
                  9U (2011)       HC: Bill Mazzullo        
                                              Email: coachbilly2019@yahoo.com
                  10U (2010)     HC: Sean Hennessy  
                                              Email: shennessy@smcexams.com
                  11U (2009)     HC: Brad Quick  (All Players Selected - CLOSED)
                                              Email: bradley.quick@ymail.com
                  12U (2008) TB    HC: Matt Dwyer     
                                               Email: golfdwyer@gmail.com
                  13U (2007)     HC: Rick Peeso   
                                              Email: rick29ny@gmail.com
                  Bantam Red (2006 & 2007)   HC: David Weiss   
                                              Email: djw2978@gmail.com
                  15U (2005)    Two teams Yellow & Blue  
                           HC: Goodman/Benway   Email: Webster.Coaching@gmail.com
                  16U (2004)     HC: JP Genest     (All Players selected - CLOSED)
                                              Email: jpgenest20@hotmail.com
                  16U (2004 & 2005)      HC: Josh Bartlett   (NEW!)
                           HC: Josh Bartlett    Email: joshua.t.bartlett18@gmail.com
                            A limited number of 2005's will be invited to join this team.
                  18U (2002 & 2003)  HC: Ed Swartzenberg     (CLOSED)
                                              Email: eddie197105@gmail.com
                   Girls 14U/16U/17U    HC: Jeff Coffed  (2003 thru 2008) 
                                              Email:  Jeffrey.Coffed@L3Harris.com

        e.     June 30 (5 pm) – All Travel, Girls & Bantam Red player signing ends.
        f.      July 1 – Rosters are frozen until NYSAHA sanctions on ice activity.
        g.     July 15 – Rosters are submitted to NYSAHA
        h.     Once a player/parent accepts a roster spot, the coach and the President of WYHA will sign the form and a copy will be sent to the parent at the end of the signing period.
        i.     July – Travel, Girls and Bantam Red players may register for the season and either pay the fee or sign up for a payment plan.
        j.     Webster is encouraging all Travel, Girls and Red teams to take between 15 to 20 players. Fees are adjusted based on the number of players.
        k.    TBD – On ice tryouts will be held for any travel, girls or Red team with openings (if needed) once NYSAHA sanctions on ice activity.

2.    Empire House (8u, 10U, 12U, 14U, 18U) - Any player interested can complete registration at https://www.wyha.com/program/empire-teams/92 any time between June 11 and July 31. Those that register in June will receive an early registration discount of $50. Parents may elect to pay in full or sign up for a payment plan. Payment plans will be extended thru December 30 to help our parents manage expenses. Empire Evals for Team placement will occur shortly after NYSAHA allows hockey organizations to hold sanctioned, on-ice events.  Team drafts will occur once registration and Evals complete.  Possibility of RED teams at 10U & 12U if there is sufficient interest and talent (selected during Empire Evals).

3.    Pony/6U - Any 2013 or 2014 birth year player interested can complete registration at https://www.wyha.com/program/pony-6u/93 any time between June 11 and July 31. Those that register in June will receive an early registration discount of $50. Parents may elect to pay in full or sign up for a payment plan. Payment plans will be extended thru December 30 to help our parents manage expenses. Pony/6U players do not attend Empire Evals and will notified by their coach of the first on ice session in September.  It is expected that all of the 2019-20 Beginners with 2013 & 2014 birth years will sign up for the Pony Program.

4.    Beginners – Players new to hockey should sign up for the Beginners program. No skating experience is required. The Fall session begins in early October and WYHA will accept registrations until full starting on June 11.  Go to https://www.wyha.com/program/beginners/94 for further information and registration link.

5.    Tournaments – Teams are not authorized to sign up for any tournaments until NYSAHA begins sanctioning on ice activity.

6.    League Fees – Webster Youth Hockey will do its best to minimize any league fee increases.  Any increases will be due to ice price increases or small team sizes.

7.    Everything else is on hold – No team activities, fundraisers, workouts, on-ice activities, etc. until Webster Youth Hockey is allowed to hold sanctioned events by NYS Amateur Hockey (NYSAHA).  Sports & recreation are assumed to fall under Phase 4 of reopening.

The NYSAHA reiterates that based on New York State governmental directives, until further notice all
USA Hockey and NYSAHA sanctioned events in the State of New York remain suspended, including
tryouts, clinics, and on-ice and off-ice activities for the 2019-2020 and 2020-2021 seasons.  NYSAHA will notify all organizations when ice hockey activities can resume.

It should also be noted that pursuant to USA Hockey mandates, if any tryouts or other ice
hockey or related activities (including practices, team skates or any other on or off ice activity) take place in violation of the above, the Association will be sanctioned, and violations will result in a hearing to be held before the NYSAHA Board of Directors.

The FAQ, Process & Timeline page can be found at: (updated 6/3)

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QUESTIONS?  Please contact Jeanne Barreca WYHA Registrar at registrar@wyha.com