WYHA Player Interest

This registration is to register interest in Webster Youth Hockey Travel, Girls or Bantam Red teams. Only players who are registered will be considered for placement on a WYHA Travel, Girls or Bantam Red Team in the June 11 thru 30 2020 time period.


9U (2011), 10U (2010), 11U (2009), 12U TB (2008), 13U (2007), Bantam Mix/Red (2006 & 2007), 15U (2005), 16U (2004), 18U (2002 & 2003), Girls 16U/19U (2002 thru 2005)


June 11 thru June 30, 2020


Webster Youth Hockey Travel, Girls and Bantam Mix/Red Teams


Practices will begin in August IF NYSAHA has sanctioned on ice activity.


Games may begin after August 15 provided NYSAHA has sanctioned game activity.


Travel & Girls team wear the official WYHA Travel Jerseys. Bantam Red is TBD. If players need a jersey set, this would be additional cost above player registration fees.

Additional Costs

There is no cost for this registration to show your players interest in a WYHA Travel, Girls or Bantam Red Team. However, players accepted by a coach will have to register with the appropriate program and pay either the full fee or join a payment plan in July.


This registration will open on 6/11 at 9 AM per NYSAHA rules.  This registration is FREE and is required so your child is considered for the following teams:

   9U (2011) Mazzullo
10U (2010)  Hennessy
11U (2009)  Quick   CLOSED
12U TB (2008)  Dwyer
13U (2007) Peeso
Bantam Mix/Red (2006 & 2007) Weiss
15U (2005) Goodman/Benway CLOSED
16U (2004) Genest  CLOSED
16U (2004 & 2005) Bartlett
18U (2002 & 2003) Swartzenberg CLOSED
GIRLS 14U/16U/17U (2003 to 2007) Coffed

(all teams with possible openings have the minimum # of players and a goalie)

The parent must have a WYHA Website account in their own name (not their child's name).  If your family was NOT a member of WYHA in 2018-19 or 2019-20, please go to
and setup an account.  Setting up an account can be done in advance of 6/11.

Updated lists of registrants will be generated and sent to the coaches each day but we recommend parents register early in the time period as some teams will fill quickly. There is the possibility, if there is sufficient interest, WYHA could form additional teams if Coaches can be found.

On 6/11 at approximately 9 AM, the registration link will appear below! This closed at 5 PM on 6/30 per NYSAHA rules.

If players are interested in a team listed above with possible openings (i.e. not closed), please contact registrar@wyha.com
NOTE: Players who have signed commitments/player agreements at other organizations for 2020-21
are not eligible to join Webster.

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