WYHA Release Request

Use this registration to request a Release


All WYHA players must have a release before they can move to another organization. This includes players in all Programs (Travel, Girls, Empire House(8U thru 18U), Pony/6U and Beginners). Any organization that allows a player to move from one organization to another without obtaining a release is subject to penalties for illegal recruiting. Per NYSAHA rules, no organization is required to release a player before the end of the season unless the situation is extraordinary. USA Hockey defines the begin of the season as August 1.


Players who would like a release to (potentially) move to another organization at the end of season should request a release after 2/26 and at least ten days before the tryouts or evaluations for their age group. Players who wish to move to another organization after they are selected for a Travel or Girls team, attend Empire Evals, pay a deposit, or register for a WYHA program or team should contact their respective VP or the Registrar to discuss their reasons for moving. NYSAHA severely restricts player movement after tryouts/evals unless extenuating circumstances (like a parent move out of the area) exist. All teams (6u thru 18U) rosters freeze on 12/31 per either NYSAHA TB rules or league rules (EAHC, WNYAHL, GLGHL).


NYSAHA Regulations on Player Movement & Recruitment can be found at: http://www.wyha.com/events/nysaha-policies-on-tryouts-releases-and-recruitment/378


WYHA follows NYSAHA regulations and does NOT issue releases to players during the season (May thru March) for movement to other teams once they have a position on a Travel or Girls team or have attended WYHA House Evals/paid a deposit/registered for the Pony/6U or Beginner Programs.


TRYOUT INFO: For age classifications that do not lead to a National Tournament (12 U & below) tryouts can start 48 hours afterthe endof the last NYSAHA State Championship (late March). For age classifications that lead to a National Tournament (13 U through 18 U) tryouts can begin 48 hours after the end of Nationals in April. Empire House Evals (7U thru 18U) will be scheduled after the conclusion of Travel Tryouts. West Section restricts all House Evaluations to after Nationals end on 4/9. Players desiring to join the Pony/6U program do not need to attend Empire House Evals and should register for this program once Registration begins in early June.



Additional Costs

None. All players requesting a release must turn in any WYHA equipment and must be paid in full in order to get a Release.


Use this Registration to request a WHYA Release.  This registration allows us to track all release requests per NYSAHA regulations.

The Release Request Registration will open in early March for players in birth years 2008 and younger and in late March for players 2007 and older.  9U to 12U Tryouts may not begin until late March 2020. 13U to 18U & 14U to 19U Girls may not begin until 48 hours after Nationals end in April.  Evals for Empire House & RWB/8U (7U to 18U) may not start until after Nationals end.

Parents will be allowed to request releases for their child once their team has completed all games and Tournament.  Per NYSAHA regulations, once a player is granted a release, he/she is NO LONGER permitted to participate on a WYHA team.  NYSAHA also will not allow any player to change organizations after 2/1/2020.  NOTE that WYHA has 10 days to process a Release Request.

Parents wanting a pre-season release or release before their team has completed it's schedule should contact the Registrar at registrar@wyha.com to have this registration re-opened.  But before doing this, parents should be aware that players are committed for the entire 2019-20 season and WYHA is only obligated to grant releases for extraordinary circumstances (like a parent move).